Sunday, February 12, 2017

Love it or like it?

Every basketball player will usually publicly proclaim his love for the game. But similar to amour between people, there are degrees and gradations of connections. How strong is the ardor? Is it surface affection or respectful devotion? Flirting Infatuation or blazing passion?

One telltale sign in determining this level of attachment is what are ballers willing to give up for their devotion to hoops? Or just as important, sacrifice for their team and teammates? That's what differentiates between those who say life is hoops for them and those who actually demonstrate it.

Hoops love is:

* Enthusiastically playing a different or even sometimes secondary role because the talents ahead of you at your position help the team function better

* Maintaining your academic eligibility even if not getting on the court for as many minutes as desired

* Abstaining from marijuana or any other elements that can effect production or even sideline someone if positive drug tests result in being suspended

* the mindset of 'we' rather than 'I'

What else?

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