Friday, April 24, 2009

Gary Payton sponsors a club basketball squad

Gary Patton
Payton is giving back

He lives in Las Vegas, but former NBA-er Gary Payton hasn't forgotten his roots.

Payton takes off gloves, shows his love with hoops team
Carl Steward
Inside Bay Area

When Derek Smith decided he wanted to form his own club basketball team this year for Oakland-area youth, he found a powerful partner to help realize his dream — none other than one of the city's leading hoops legends, Gary Payton.

A family friend for years, Payton was doing a speaking engagement last year at Alameda County Juvenile Hall, where Smith works as a probation officer.

In passing, Smith mentioned to Payton about his vision for the team, and Payton said, "Let's do it, and I'll sponsor it."

Hence, the creation of the GP Gloves, a team made up almost entirely of high school sophomores from which Smith and Payton hope to build the foundation of a model club...

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