Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sacramento Optimist All Star game today

Bill Paterson serves up the details of today's Optimist All Star games up Sacramento way. Game time for the boys is 6 p.m. at Center High.

D'Erryl Williams named POY

D'Erryl Williams of Sheldon High is the Sacramento Bee's Player of the Year

The All Metro honorees

Mitch Stephens has all the honorees for the All Metro teams and honorable mentions.

The Bay Area Regional Players of the Year

Mitch Stephens offers up his four Regional Players of the Year for the Bay Area.

Aaron Gordon garners another honor

Mitch Stephens has the scoop on the selection of Mitty's Aaron Gordon as Metro Player of the Year. The part we liked the most:
"He did it all in a very unselfish fashion," [Jason] Hickman wrote. "There's no hint of entitlement. No chest-pounding. He was genuinely excited - borderline giddy - about his team's accomplishments following the game."

LMW leads all-star team to victory

Jimmy Durkin has the game report on the inaugural Yay Area's Finest all-star game as Langston Morris-Walker shone the brightest.

Marin County seniors going at it

Dave Curtis reports it's the Marin County Senior All-Star Basketball Games today (Saturday) beginning at 3:30 at Drake High.

SCAC versus MEL

It's the Solano County Athletic Conference and the Monticello Empire League seniors going at it on April 12. Here's the details.

Friday, March 30, 2012

St. Mary's lands a transfer

Per Josh Gershon, USC forward Garrett Jackson is headed to Moraga. He's a 6-foot-6, 225-pounder who shot 41% overall, 22% from three-point range and tied for the team lead in blocked shots with 19.

There's no truth to the rumor that there is a Gael satellite campus -- similar to that one in AussieLand -- now in Portland, Oregon. Check Randy Bennett's roster.

Something is rotten in the office at Miramonte High

Oh, come on.


"... not satisfied with the direction of the program and he made that decision to go in a different direction ..." 

If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, then 'different direction' is likewise for managements of the weaselly sorts.    

Read Ben Enos' article today on the removal of Miramonte Coach Dave Brown (106-65 overall, 48-28 in league and 20-10 this season) by the Acalanes Union High School District for absolutely invalid reasons.  

Simply put: abuse of position and power in all its applications should be condemned and those guilty of such should be removed due to egregious judgement and behavior. 

It's time to do the right thing and that's restore Brown to his rightful  position, one in which he was achieving excellence. 

Shakespeare had it right as spoken by the character Marcellus in "Hamlet" -- just change it from Denmark to Miramonte High.

School 'spirit' never wavers

Yeah, all these youngsters who just can't control their emotions on and off the court, that's the scourge of basketball. Back in the old days, we were much better behaved, right? We had manners:
For UK and UofL fans, the rivalry often runs deep. But police say, they never expected to get called to a dialysis clinic for a fight between fans! In fact, police are calling it a flagrant foul.

"I think this is a first at a dialysis center," Lt. Robert Swanigan commented while handing over the police reports.

Officers were called after a UK and UofL fan gave each other a full court press during treatment at the Georgetown Dialysis Clinic Monday.

"He just happened to think UofL would beat UK and he started to run his mouth," explained 68-year-old dialysis patient Ed Wilson. Wilson also happens to be a self-proclaimed die hard UK fan. "That's what started it."

But 71-year-old Charles Taylor, who was waiting to get hooked up to a machine saw things differently. "I didn't talk to him about the ball game; I was talking to another guy about the game," The UofL fan exclaimed. "He was meddling. And told me to shut up and gave me the finger!"

Both men admit they were in the zone, but never anticipated there'd be a power forward.

"I wasn't gonna take no more from him," UofL fan Taylor said.

UK fan Wilson explained "I'm sitting there hooked up to a machine and I can't do anything."

So, offended by Wilson, Taylor took action. "I went up to him and I hit him, " he said. "Didn't hit him that hard, but I hit him."

By the time police arrived, the fight was over.

"I'm sorry it even happened," Wilson said. "Hopefully, he won't come at the same time as me anymore."

Georgetown Police say their case is now closed and they investigated it as harassment.

Wilson says he's not filing charges against Taylor, but he does hope the Cats win.

Two NorCal schools interested in James Walker

6-foot-2 Citrus College guard James Walker, who was named a California Community College Co-Player of the Year this season and played at Utah State as a frosh, is supposedly deciding between University of San Francisco, Saint Mary’s, TCU, Colorado and Missouri State.

Lane to UOP?

At the Pacific MB, nojnotslar posted a note from a UCLA MB (follow all that?) on speculation that Brendan Lane is headed to the Tigers where he will redshirt a season and then play a year, which, if true, should allow for the earning of a Master's degree for Lane. 

A Julian Welch update

Julian Welch didn't shoot all that well (2-110 for Minnesota as the Gopher lost the NIT championship game to Stanford but he did total six points, six assists, four steals and three rebounds.

SanFranPreps on the Fifth-Annual City All-Star Game

SanFranPreps is partnering with the Bay Area Warriors on the Gragnani Memorial City All-Star game on April 16 at St. Ignatius.

Draft Express on Jared Cunningham

Jonathan Givony/Draft Express updates his NBA draft preview on Jared Cunningham.

Demps goes basketball

Joe Davidson lauds Pleasant Groves' Cody Demps who will be a Hornet on the court next season.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The 2012 Play Hard Play Smart team

Former BYU Cougar Brian Hamilton is back with his 2012 Play Hard Play Smart (PHPS) squad. Last season, PHPS found itself at 30-1 at one point and the toast of Sacramento as well as northern California after nabbing championships at Gerry Freitas' SoCal Hoop review, the Pangos Sweet 16 and the Magic Memorial Day Festival.

This season it will be a deja vu image, more 40 minutes of hell as the PHPS roster is bereft of 7-footers but loaded with thoroughbred athletes ranging from 6-foot-4 to 6-foot-6. That means transition talents, the ripping down of rebounds or the copping of steals and then a furiously turn in the other direction.

Hamilton concise style summary is "get up and down, play hard, be aggressive."

Two players have come over from the top E-Time Hoops Academy team as E-Time apparently will be fielding a younger team or teams this spring and summer.

PHPS will be taking its talent to the Fab 48 in Las Vegas come late July. Prior to that, it will be participation in both a Pangos and a Reebok Invite tournaments and Hamilton's squad will finish up in Los Angeles during August.

As for the makeup of the year's team, here's the roster in alphabetical order with Hamilton's descriptions in quotes:

* Dakarai Allen, 6-foot-4, wing, Sheldon High, 2013 (#7 in the NorCal Preps 2013 rankings, Colorado, Pepperdine, St. Mary's, San Diego State and USF have offered) - "can handle and shoot and is a real good defender"

* Gabe Bealer, 6-foot-6, wing, Antelope High, 2013 - "a tremendous athlete who plays real smooth"

* Matt Donlan, 6-foot-6, wing, Capital Christian High, 2012 (#35 in the Nor Cal Preps 2012 rankings) - "a good shooter and amazing jumper"

* Isiah Ellis, 6-foot-6, wing, Antelope High, 2013 - "a hardworker who does a little bit of everything"

* Theo Johnson, 6-foot-5, wing, Franklin High, 2012 (#12 in the NorCalPreps 2012 rankings) - "will probably be playing in April only"

* Ryan Manning, 6-foot-6, wing, Sheldon High, 2013 (son of Rich Manning who played collegiately at Syracuse and Washington and in the NBA for the Grizzlies and Clippers) - "he's shooting real well and we're looking for him to have a breakout summer"

* D'Erryl Williams, 6-foot-4, Sheldon High, 2013 (#9 in the NorCal Preps'2013 rankings, USF has offered) - "a winner and a workhorse who plays the game the right way"

There will also be a few other talents on the team but who has yet to be decided. 

Practice began for PHPS on March 29.

A Paolo Mancasola feature

Sean Maraz profiles UC Davis backcourter Paolo Mancasola.

The various basketball honorees in and around Sacramento

Bill Paterson  has compiled the listings of the MVPs and other honorees in the various Sacramento area leagues. Here's a taste of a very long and informative list:

MVP: Jarvis Watkins and Gabe Bealer, Antelope

MVP: K.J. Logu, Bella Vista

MVP: Theo Johnson, Franklin.

MVP: Dakarai Allen, Sheldon

MVP: Matt Donlan, Capital Christian

MVP: Darius Graham, Sacramento

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

Southern Utah coaching update

Hoopdirt says it's Nick Robinson for the Southern Utah coaching opening while Steve Luhm and Bill Oram have Barrett Peery as the leader. The third candidate is Ron Verlin, the #2 guy at Pacific.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Oakland Rebels at 25

Is the 25th edition of the Oakland Rebels the team with the most bountiful talent yet? Founded by Melvin Landry, the program has been an O-town mainstay and, unlike other entities, there's been no resting on any sort of laurels or accomplishments of yesteryear.

Headed by Coach Ryant Diew, and Coach Shawn Hadnot, the top squad of the Rebels has a powerful mix of new talent and longtime players on this season's roster, with the most prominent being a returning prodigal son.

It's McClymond High 6-foot-10 big man Jamaree Strickland who has made a homecoming to the Rebel fold after time with the Oakland Soldiers. Sidelined by a knee injury for some time, Strickland is now ready to return to the court and make his mark in the middle.

As for a 2012 prognosis, Diew said, "we have a very good team." This despite Tanner Giddings (Fresno State), Eric Green (Holy Cross), Paris Davis, Rodney Cook, Maceo Bell (Merritt College), et al moving on.

Even more importantly, the Rebel top talents are on target to meet college entrance requirements

Where will the Rebels be on display?

* The Pangos Spring Spectacular in Las Vegas
* the Pangos Sweet 16 in Long Beach
* The City Championships in San Francisco
* The Compton Magic Memorial Day Tournament
* The Adidas Invitational in Indiana
* Hal Pastner's Las Vegas Live
* The Adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas.

So who are the 2012 Rebels?

In alphabetical order, (with Diew's comments in quotation marks):

* Glenn Baral, 6-foot-4, junior, Salisbury School (CT) - "he'll be back for our second tournament in April"

* Joe Barnes, 6-foot-3, junior, Sacramento High rated #22 by Nor Cal Preps - "a First Team All Metro League  pick"

* Andrew Cox-Gillmore, 6-foot-6, junior, Pinole High, rated #29th by Nor Cal Preps - "a First Team Alameda Contra Costa Athletic League pick"

* Adam Ciszewski, 6-foot-5, junior, Bella Vista High - "a very under rated player, he's a good shooter, rebounder and passer, who moves well without the ball -- a glue guy who is very important to our team"

* Ryan Diew, 6-foot-2, junior, Head Royce High - "a First Team All Bay Counties League East pick"

* Carlos Fineman, 6-foot-8, junior, College Prep High - "a Second Team All-Bay Counties League selection who is pretty tough, raw but active and runs the floor well"

* James Hadnot, 6-foot-6, junior, Sacramento High , rated #30 by Nor Cal Preps - "an Honorable Mention Metro League selection"

* Patrick Hawkins, 6-foot-2, sophomore, Cal Prep - "a tenacious backup at the point, we're happy to have him back, he was selected to play in the Top 30 All-Star game at the Pangos Frosh/Soph Camp last October"

* Robert Jackson, 6-foot-1, junior, Vallejo High - "a good player and a lifetime Rebel"

* Kiran Shastri, 6-foot-5, junior, Miramonte High - "a First Team All-Diablo Foothill Athletic League selection who is a big time scorer  -- in averaging 23.6 points and 7.6 rebounds a game last season, he compiled totals of 40 and 32 points in the NCS playoffs and had a 38-point game in the first round of the CIF playoffs"

* Leo Smith, 5-foot-9, junior, Oakland Tech - "a First Team Oakland  Athletic League (OAL) selection, he led the OAK in assists (6.6 per game) and was the second-leading scorer (22.3 points a game)"

* Jamaree Strickland, 6-foot-10, senior, McClymonds High - "he's been kept off the court because of an injury but is ready to play"

Size, plenty of offensive weapons inside and out, ballhandling -- it's all there. The Rebels will be out repping the East Bay beginning next month.

Remember Khion Sankey?

Khion Sankey was the man in the middle for Newark Memorial High a couple of seasons back. At 6-foot-4, he was a won't-back-down-to-anyone beast in the paint. Sankey then moved on to Sheridan Community College in Wyoming, expanded his skills set and now has a scholarship at Lipscomb University, a member of the Atlantic Sun Conference. It's located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here are the details.

Is Open Division coming?

Open Division is all the talk in California prep basketball as Mark Tennis and Jimmy Durkin explain.

A bigtime honor for Reggie Jones

Per Brian VanderBeek, Reggie Jones of Cal State Stanislaus has been honored as a First Team D-2 All-American.

Max Hooper leaving Harvard

Alex Kline/The Recruit Scoop just tweeted this on the former Valley Christian sharpshooter: "St. John's has offered Harvard transfer Max Hooper - a freshman SG - per his coach"

Pacific hooking up with the WCC

Here's a report on Pacific departing from it's present affiliation and joining the West Coast Conference come 2013-14. Basketball just got a heckuva lot harder.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mitch Stephens with a basketball item-filled post

Mitch Stephens empties out his basketball notebook with a bevy of items from Saturday, and more.

D'Erryl Williams doing it on and off the court

Credit Joe Davidson for posting this: "... No surprise that D'Erryl Williams of Sheldon won the Pursuing Victory with Honor Sportsmanship award Saturday. Williams is a 4.0 student and a team leader who played hurt and never lost his cool on a frustrating night ..."

Read more here:

A Chris Blees update

Bill Paterson has the latest on former Jesuit talent Chris Blees.

Jared Cunningham and the 2012 NBA draft

ESPN's Andy Katz has the details regarding Jared Cunningham surveying his NBA draft prospects.

A Cody Demps update

Cameron Schott recently tweeted this: "2012 Pleasant Grove SG Cody Demps has committed to Sacramento State"

A Ramon Eaton update

Still unconfirmed but there's been mention that former Sheldon High jumping jack Ramon Eaton is headed to Cal State Bakersfield. He played as a freshman at Pepperdine this season.

Maceo Bell staying home

6-foot-4 Maceo Bell, out of McClymonds High and the court cousin of Damon Powell in the human highlight vein, will be playing for Merritt College next season.

Robert Upshaw is a free agent, if he so chooses

Nobody knows as yet but Frank Martin's decision to leave Kansas State and head to Columbia, South Carolina just may play out in Fresno State's favor as Rob Dauster has the details of 6-foot-10 Robert Upshaw's deft decision earlier regarding document signing.

Of course, maybe Upshaw will set his sites on the Palmetto State too since players sign with colleges based on the coach and not necessarily the majors offered, the weather or other factors.

He would certainly fill a need for the Bulldogs and Coach Rodney Terry.

Monday, March 26, 2012

More on Spencer Clayton

6-foot-9 Spencer Clayton and his 14.2 points and 10.5 boards per game are headed to UC Davis. But Clayton is bringing much more to the Aggies program than his double-double averages accomplished at Mt. Hood Community College this season.

The MVP of the south section of the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges played for Coach Geoff Gibor who calls his big man "a great player for us and someone who has been a pleasure to coach."

 Mt. Hood Coach Geoff Gibor

As for specific skills, Gibor said Clayton can play "with his back to the basket and facing up. He really rebounds well and is a playmaker who passes well out of the post. He understands and plays to his strengths."

But before these talents were in the forefront, it was a different Clayton.

As Gibor explained, "He came in two years ago not as strong physically and mentally, but transformed himself."

Gibor added, "Spencer asks 'what do I need to do to be better?' -- he is always wanting more information and is easy to coach."

Academically, "he's a pretty good student."

Capping his summary, Gibor describes his protégé as "having a huge upside and he's even a better person than that."

It sounds like Aggie fans are in for a treat.

Kudos to David Ahern

Marin Catholic's David Ahern has been honored as the Independent Journal's Marin boys basketball player of the year.

Change is needed per Richard Estrada

Channeling Leon Trotsky, Richard Estrada cries out for a transformation in Stanislaus area high school hoops.


YAYAREASFINEST offers an right-minute video on Sacred Heart Cathedral at the NorCal Finals.

A trio of NorCal talents to the PIT?

The Draft Express folks are projecting Wendell McKines, Drew Gordon and Eli Holman as invitees to the upcoming Portsmouth Invitational basketball tourney.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

More on Damian Lillard and the NBA

Here's the latest contradicting the Damian Lillard to the NBA report from yesterday.

Matt Hayes is the Appeal-Democrat All Area Boys Basketball POY

Yuba City senior guard Matt Hayes has earned the Appeal-Democrat All Area Boys Basketball Player of the Year award, as well as Tri County Conference Most Valuable Player honor.

The All-Stanislaus District Boys Basketball Team

Here are the Modesto Bee's selections for the 2011-12 All-Stanislaus District Boys Basketball Team.

Raymond Bowles is the Modesto Bee Boys Basketball Player of the Year

Bryan VanderBeek profiles Raymond Bowles of Modesto Christian High, the Modesto Bee's Boy Basketball Player of the Year.

Two prep players headed to MPC?

Forgot to note this yesterday:
* Stephen Dorsey, senior, Monterey: The 6-4 Dorsey is one of only two repeaters to our All-County team, Noah Allen being the other.

Dorsey put his leaping ability to work on both ends of the court. He averaged 12.5 points per game in the MBL to go along with 10.5 rebounds and 3.4 blocks per game.

"He was the centerpiece of our team," Monterey coach Gregg Daniels said. "He controlled the paint. Even when he was scoring 11 or 12 points per game, he was getting 12 to 15 rebounds and making five or six blocks.

"And when he wasn't making blocks he was forcing kids into trying some crazy shots. Sometimes it seemed like he was on a trampoline the way he skied above everyone."

As Daniels said last year about Dorsey, "I don't think I've ever coached a kid who could jump like that before."

Look for Dorsey to be playing basketball for Monterey Peninsula College next year.
* Brandon Hanson, senior, Monterey: The 6-foot Hanson, who comes from a military family, transferred to Monterey just in time.

He played a key role in helping the Toreadores finish with the best overall record of any team between Monterey and Santa Cruz counties at 22-4.

A strong contender for Monterey Bay League MVP honors, Hanson averaged 17.2 points per game overall and 19.8 per game in the MBL.

He also averaged with 3.5 assists and three steals per game.

Hanson said he'll probably play for MPC next year.

"He played so darn hard all the time," Daniels said. "He could rebound and go coast-to-coast. He was tenacious on both ends of the court. At time he was like instant offense. He could press teams and get five to six steals. His anticipation was real good." 

One more TV appearance for Wendell McKines

From the Twitter account of Big Wen: "Got invited to the NABC Senior all star game at the final four. Time to bring that #Wensday flavor to the bayou"

Much more on Damian Lillard

Randy Hollis goes long on Weber State's season, particularly focusing on Damian Lillard.

A compilation of reports on Saturday's HS state championship games

Jeremy Balan grandly captures the Sacred Heart Cathedral loss to Alemany, pitch perfect and taking his readers right there.


Douglas Benton/Nor Cal Preps goes long on all the boys basketball battles from yesterday as SoCal broomed NorCal.


Mitch Stephens is all over the Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Joseph Notre Dame contests.


Jimmy Durkin focuses on the St. Joseph Notre Dame defeat, plus 27 game photos are provided.

+++++ provides a lot of details on the Sacred Heart Cathedral as game. Then they are on press row catching the St. Joseph Notre Dame match.


Bill Paterson offers reports on all the matchups -- hope he is on R & R today.


Mark Tennis and Ronnie Flores double team each of the boys basketball pairings.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is sickening

A principal has suspended his southern California school's basketball program because of threats to the coach and his family. Here's the link.

Lillard going pro

Gary Parrish is reporting that Weber State backcourter Damian Lillard will be entering the NBA draft.

Here's the All Monterey County basketball team

Per George Watkins, Alvarez High Coach Mark Haddan and Palma High junior Noah Allen lead off the All Monterey County basketball squad.

The Salinas High coaching opening

George Watkins checks in on the situation surrounded who will be the next Salinas High basketball coach, mighty big shoes to fill.

A Robby Rowland update

Phil Barber offers an informative update on Robby Rowland, the former Cloverdale High basketball and baseball star who has turned professional in the latter sport.

SHC takes on Alemany

Jeremy Balan digs into today's matchup between Sacred Heart Cathedral and Alemany, a seemingly frontcourt versus backcourt battle.

Every link we could find on yesterday's state championship games

Here you go:

Douglas Benton/Nor Cal Preps is all over the Salesian High and Archbishop Mitty wins. Congrats to both programs for notching state championships.

Glenn Reeves was also on press row for the AM triumph as was Bill Paterson. Pat O'Rourke checks in with his take. The photo at Prepsportsdok wordlessly says it all.

Jimmy Durkin goes ditto for Salesian's victory plus Bill Paterson does double duty and Pat O'Rourke makes it a trifecta.

Matt Stephens joins in the Salesian game reporting and then Mitch swings over to the Mitty success.

Mark Tennis and Ronnie Flores covers both contests.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Take a bow Coach Bill Mellis and the Salesian High basketballers

Powered by 24 points from Jabari Bird, it was Salesian High taking down southern counterpart Price High 70-56 to win the D-IV state championship this afternoon. Go Pride!

UC Davis lands another big

6-foot-10 sophomore Spencer Clayton, out of Mt. Hood Community College in Oregon, has committed to Coach Jim Les and UC Davis.

Clayton averaged 14.2 points and 10.5 boards last season, shooting 59% with 31 blocked shots in 27 games while earning most valuable player honors in the south section of the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges. He played his high school ball in Washington but only 20 miles east of Portland.

Mt. Hood finished 24-8 and on top of the south section this season.

He played for Coach Geoff Gibor, who won Coach of the Year honors.

Add 6-foot-9 soph-to-be verbal Clint Bozner to the mix and Davis will have a completely different look in the paint next season.

To stay or to go, Damian Lillard style

It sure seems like everyone is in agreement -- Damian Lillard is a lottery pick in this year's NBA draft if he chooses to come out.

Games being liveblogged

The Bay Area News Group (BANG) is liveblogging the state championship tournament games, beginning at 1:15 today.

A Jim Les feature

George Castle offers a feature on UC Davis Coach Jim Les, who is in the midst of resurrecting the Aggie basketball program.

Bruce Jenkins wants an addition to women's hoops

Check out Bruce Jenkins' column on what's missing in women's basketball and, no, it's not the dunk.

More press for Bird & Gordon

Mitch Stephens focuses on Jabari Bird and Aaron Gordon but also details other talents to watch in the Friday and Saturday games.

Previewing Salesian versus Price

Jimmy Durkin looks at the Salesian - Price matchup for the state D-IV championship.

Bill Paterson and Folsom High 1985 hoops

Bill Patterson looks back at the 1985 Folsom High boys basketball state championship squad.

ESPNHS has NorCal coming out on top

ESPNHS offers up predictions for the boys basketball state championship games and NorCal comes out on top 3-2.

A Joshua Fox feature

SHC's Josh Fox wasn't always 6-foot-5 on the basketball court as Jeremy Balan writes.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

An exodus at USF?

If the rumors are true, USF has a number of players departing:

* 6-foot-9 junior Perris Blackwell (just one year remaining)
* 6-foot-9 sophomore Justin Raffington
* 6-foot-7 freshman Khalil Murphy
* 6-foot-3 sophomore Avery Johnson
* 6-foot-4 sophomore Charles Standifer
* 6-foot-0 junior Michael Williams (just one year remaining)

Blackwell, Johnson and Williams are from southern California while Sandifer is out of Sacramento. Raffington is from Germany and Murphy last played in New Jersey.

A Sheldon High hoops feature

Joe Davidson focuses his spotlight on Sheldon High basketball, digging down into the head coach and the top talents.

More on De'End Parker's return to The City

Vittorio Tafur catches readers up with De'End Parker, who will be suiting up for Coach Rex Walters and USF next season.

What's up with Todd Lowenthal?

Sean Maraz lets readers in on the latest happenings for former UC Davis Aggie basketballer Todd Lowenthal.

Coach Bill Chappell is leaving the bench

George Watkins breaks the news of Bill Chappell's retirement after 41 years as the boys basketball coach at Salinas High.

The SHC guards

Jeremy Balan's latest on Sacred Heart Cathedral basketball focuses on the Irish backcourters.

UC Davis in the mix for a transfer?

Scott Wolf writes that USC transfer guard Alexis Moore is looking at two school, one of which is UC Davis. Moore is from Long Beach Poly High so it's surprising that The Beach isn't mentioned.

Head coach opening at Academy of Art University

Hoop Dirt has the news that a coaching search is underway for the top basketball spot at Academy of Art University as Mark Sembrowich was let go.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Austin Simon and Tim Harris win national championship

Corcordia University in southern California just won the NAIA national basketball championship, aided by Austin Simon (above) and Tim Harris (below), both out of Valley Christian High.

Concordia turned back Oklahoma Baptist 72-69 and Simon was named to the All Tournament squad. He hit two free throws at the very end of the championship contest to salt away the win for Concordia while totaling 13 points.

SJND is still Kidd-influenced

St. Joseph Notre Dame won't have Jason Kidd on the court come Saturday but he'll be there in spirit as Mitch Stephens reports.

What you need to know about the YAF All Star Classic

Jimmy Durkin has the details on the YAF All Star Classic to be held at El Cerrito High on March 30.

Another excellent peice from Jeremy Balan

Multi-sport talent Zach Tapel receives the feature treatment in Jeremy Balan's week-long series on Sacred Heart Cathedral hoops.

Three NorCal talents listed in NBA draft projection

The latest Draft Express listings for the two rounds of the 2012 NBA draft has Damian Lillard at #17, Orlando Johnson at #39 and Drew Gordon holding down the 45th spot.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's a tangled web we weave

Check out this Dave Zirin piece -- yes a rule was broken, that can't be challenged but, yes, there is rampant inequality within the NCAA system and that's a larger problem.

Curtis Malone was also in the news last week for this supposed round of fisticuffs and also this from last October. Makes you want to go take a shower, even from this distance.

Are we all mid-majors now?

Jon Gold has posted a humorous yet penetrating look at college basketball, out West style, chock full of spiffy cultural references and his article includes this great line near the end:
"... It's not the haves and the have-nots any more. It's the have-a-littles and the have ... ehhh's"

The Hurleys and Jonathan Williams

So Coach Danny Hurley is leaving Wagner for Rhode Island and Bobby Hurley may follow his brother or could be named as the new head coach for Wagner.

The reason this is being mentioned is that former CCSF star Jonathan Williams went to Wagner because of his connections to the Hurleys.

Williams averaged 13.4 points and 5.0 rebounds in 24 minutes a game in his first season, shooting 53% overall. Will he also move to URI or finish at Wagner?

TJ getting some press

Jeremy Balan features Taylor Johns as part of his week-long series on Sacred Heart Cathedral basketball.

The Gatorade State Boys Basketball Player of the Year

Bias aside, really, it has to be Aaron Gordon for Gatorade State Boys Basketball Player of the Year, right? Maybe it will come down to whose team wins.

Sheldon versus Mater Dei

Joe Davidson looks at Sheldon High hoops which returns 'home' for Saturday's matchup with mighty Mater Dei.

The California high school championship games

Friday, March 23

Division IV Boys: Salesian (Richmond) vs. Price (LA) 1:30 p.m.

Division II Boys: Archbishop Mitty (San Jose) vs. La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad) 8 p.m.

Saturday, March 24

Division V Boys: St. Joseph Notre Dame (Alameda) vs. Village Christian (Sun Valley) 11:15 a.m.

Division III Boys: Sacred Heart Cathedral (SF) vs. Alemany (Mission Hills) 2:45 p.m.

Division I Boys: Sheldon (Sacramento) vs. Mater Dei (Santa Ana) 8 p.m.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Malcolm Gladwell,and basketball's full court press

We probably published this earlier -- it came out in 2009 -- but Malcolm Gladwell's exploration on the unconventional in young girls basketball remains a good read.

Jeremy Russotti's Hoops Factory Presents The Nor Cal Super 100

Check out Mitch Stephens' latest

Mitch Stephens offers his Monday news and notes column as he lauds Salesian High basketball and lists his Top Five Bay Area squads.

Meet SHC Coach Darrell Barbour

Jeremy Balan leads off the week with the first of a series of Sacred Heart Cathedral hoops features. Coach Darrell Barbour is up first.

Lehigh's season ends

Lehigh University fell 70-58 to Xavier meaning John Adams' college basketball time is complete. He scored four points, grabbed a trio of rebounds and blocked one shot yesterday.

An Ed Madec tidbit

From Marek Warscawski's WarZone Sunday column in the Fresno Bee:
"There were a few scoffs last year when we called Fresno City's Ed Madec the best basketball coach in town.

After the Rams won a state title with exactly zero Division I recruits, we rest our case"
The second paragraph isn't accurate but no problems at all with the first.

Read more here:

Weber State falls

Weber State's season ended yesterday as the Wildcats fell 84-78 to Loyola Marymount in overtime as part of the CIT. Damian Lillard scored 27 points but on an off-shooting game (6-17 overall, 1-9 from trey land but 14-14 from the foul line). Weber went 25-7 in 2011-12.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brendan Lane to finish at another school

Former Rocklin High star Brendan Lane has basically been deleted from our memory during his stint at UCLA what with his various teammates and their tempestuous actions and headlines. Now, he owns a degree and has decided to play his final season of eligibility as a post grad elsewhere.

Here's Jon Gold:
"UCLA head coach Ben Howland confirmed that junior forward Brendan Lane intends to graduate early and transfer to a mid-major conference school to complete his master's degree and play his senior year of basketball"
The other Pac-12 schools are out so could it be San Diego State, Long Beach State or somewhere closer to home? UC Davis could use a one-year big. USF too.

All the high school scores and game reports in one post

It was all Sacramento area in the Sheldon High come from behind 61-56 victory over Jesuit High last night.


In a close D-II pairing, Silicon Valley (Archbishop Mitty High) proved five points better than Alameda County (Newark Memorial High) 63-58.


In the D-III matchup, San Francisco (Sacred Heart Cathedral) took down Oakland (Bishop O'Dowd) 61-57.


In D-IV, it was the East Bay (Salesian High) having no trouble with the Peninsula (Sacred Heart Prep) 69-38.


In D-V, it was the East Bay (St. Joseph Notre Dame) better than the South Bay (Pinewood) by a score of 57-53.

ESPN HS has coverage of all five games.

Douglas Benton/Nor Cal Preps provides game reports plus player analysis. here and here has details on the Mitty victory over Newark Memorial and SHC's W over BOD. Jimmy Durkin was also present at the Mitty success as well as Glenn Reeves.

Joe Davidson offers the details on Sheldon's takedown of Jesuit.

Jeremy Balan is all over the SHC win over Bishop O'Dowd as is Matt Schwab plus Jimmy Durkin and Mitch Stephens too.

John Parker tells the tale of SJND's triumph against Pinewood as does John Reid.

Marquette wins another

Former Castro Valley High star Juan Anderson didn't score but he and his Marquette teammates are in the Sweet 16 thanks to a 62-53 victory over Murray State.

Former St. Mary's Coach Kyle Smith checking out NorCal talent

From the Twitter feed of Phil Doherty: "Kyle Smith - Head Coach of Columbia is in the house here at Folsom HS to see 2013 PG Markel Leonard of Salesian HS in D4 Norcal Finals"

Louisville a trey better than New Mexico

Louisville topped New Mexico 59-56 last night in the Big Dance despite 21 points and 13 rebounds from Drew Gordon, whose collegiate experience is now completed.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Remember Kori Babineaux at Folsom High?

Per Evans Daniels' Twitter feed: "Drake scored a commitment tonight. Kori Babineaux, of Lake Forest Academy, is headed to play for Mark Phelps, per a source"

Jimmy Durkin, Stephanie Hammon on all the pairings today

Jimmy Durkin and Stephanie Hammon scrutinize the Division 1 through Division 5 pairings, both boys and girls.

Bill Paterson profiles all the matchups

Bill Paterson itemizes every game today, boys and girls, taking place up in Sacramento.

It's time: Sheldon versus Jesuit

Joe Davidson previews the matchup of Jesuit and Sheldon which seems to be the biggest game ever up Sacto way considering both teams rep that area.

Meet Sacred Heart Cathedral

Mitch Stephens profiles Sacred Heart Cathedral, particularly the court firm of Johns and Fox. The Irish and Bishop O'Dowd battle today.

2011-2012 BVAL mixtape

Credit Gucci Gardner for this 2011-12 Bay Valley Athletic League basketball video featuring a number of the talents on display this season.

Tom Crean on Big Wen

Here's Indiana Coach Tom Crean speaking about Wendell McKines after his Hoosiers beat New Mexico State:
"That man is a pro player right there, make sure you write that," Crean said. "You are a heck of a player. We spend as much time preparing for you as anybody we see. And the Draymond Green (comparison), that's a big compliment from where we come from because he was player of the year in our league and an All-American. We have a lot of respect for what you do. You have a great future."

Kansas 65, Detroit 50

Kansas was simply too much for Detroit, ending the Titan season and closing out the collegiate career of senior Eli Holman, who totaled 10 points and 11 boards.

Purdue 72, St. Mary's 69

Purdue held off a late rally by St. Mary's to win 72-69 and advance to the second round of the NCAAs. Rob Jones completed his college play with a double-double consisting of 23 points and 14 rebounds.

Lehigh 70, Duke 70

In a big upset, Lehigh took down Duke 75-70 in an opening round Big Dance matchup. The local connection: former Archbishop Mitty talent now college senior John Adams scored seven points and grabbed the same number of rebounds for the victors. Adams also was credited for three steals and a pair of assists.

NC State over SD State

North Carolina State end San Diego State's season yesterday 79-65. Chase Tapley posted 19 points, six boards and four assists for the Aztecs.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Jeremy Russotti and Shabazz Muhammad

Longtime basketball trainer extraordinaire Jeremy Russotti has been busy of late (as always) but dropped us a line with the latest happenings up in Windsor.
Josh Akognon is home from China. He averaged 28 points per game and once again was in the top five in scoring. He has multiple offers to go to top professional leagues for the play-offs, but has an offer that is supposed to go through any day to join the Los Angeles Lakers D-League team (Defenders). Hopefully, Josh will have some great games, and with a break here and there, be the next Jeremy Lin story...haha (our note: man, wouldn't that be something, another Bay Area prodigy). 
(Jeremy (l) with Shabazz and a third person)
This weekend Shabazz Muhammad (Naismith Award winner and #1 player in the country) will heading to Windsor, to stay with me for the weekend......and of course to train with Josh and others. I then turn around the following weekend and head to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with him in Vegas for training. Then the last weekend in March, I will be working him out in Los Angeles, as I am also training the Dream Vision staff and players during their tryouts for the weekend.
I am also probably heading to the McDonalds All-American Game with Shabazz and his family since we are crash cramming right now to get him ready to be at the top of his game in front of the entire basketball world for that game (our note: think about it, one of 'our' guys training the top prep basketball player in the country)

Marshall's Mark Alexander feted

Mitch Stephens rolls out the Academic Athletic Association's honorees, including Marshall High Mark Alexander as the MVP.

Press for Eli Holman

Ben Enos contributes a feature on Detroit senior Eli Holman as the Titans open up in the Big Dance today.

Press for Brad Waldow

Bill Paterson makes note of Brad Waldow's season at St. Mary's and the Gaels participation in the Big Dance today.

Sacred Heart Cathedral getting close

Jeremy Balan/San Fran Preps writes about Sacred Heart Cathedral being ever so near a state championship.

Tom Scocca is not a member of the Pat Knight Marching and Chowder Society

Tom Scocca will not be on Pat Knight's Christmas card list nor will either be breaking bread anytime soon.

Press and praise for DA

Josh Gershon recently tweeted this item: "Dominic Artis continues to improve at Findlay. We already knew he could pass but he has really improved as a scorer"

Oregon is getting a good one.

Big Dance floors

No, we haven't lost our minds (we think), we actually found this Mike Vorkunov-written article interesting. Have you ever wondered what happens to the floors/courts installed for the various games in the Big Dance? Probably not, but read on anyway and impress your buddies tonight.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not cool at all

Hey, there's so much subject matter to choose from but this isn't one of them. Via Buzzfeed:
The ugly side of sports was on display at the first-round NCAA tournament game between Kansas State and Southern Mississippi game Thursday, when Kansas State point guard Angel Rodriguez was subjected to chants of "Where's your Green Card" from the Southern Miss. band.

Big Lead Sports notes that Rodriguez is from Puerto Rico, making him a U.S. citizen.

Wisconsin 73, Montana 49

Wisconsin took apart Montana 73-49 -- it was 39-29 at half time -- as junior Will Cherry went for nine points, two rebounds and a pair of steals. The loss ends Montana's season.

Indiana 79, New Mexico State 66

Senior Wendell McKines scored 15 points and grabbed seven rebounds but Indiana was just too much for New Mexico State tonight in a first round NCAA game. The Aggies lost the assist battle 15 to seven and had seven less steals than the Hoosiers.

Vanderbilt 79, Harvard 70

In a battle of SAT scores and basketball supremacy, Vanderbilt handled Harvard tonight 79-70 so that's the season for the Crimson. Senior Oliver McNally, out of Branson High, contributed a team-leading seven assists for the Ivy Leaguers.

New Mexico 75, Long Beach State 68

Led by 18 points and 13 rebounds from Drew Gordon, New Mexico took down Long Beach State tonight in a first round Big Dance matchup. Louisville is next for the Lobos.

The 2011-12 State Community College champions: Fresno City College

Here's a post game photo after Fresno City College won the state championship last Sunday

Staying or going?

Arizona lost to Colorado 53-51 in the championship game of the Pac-12 tournament on Saturday afternoon. Freshman Josiah Turner didn't travel with the team, having been suspended indefinitely by Coach Sean Miller for a violation of team rules. Would his presence have made a difference?

The answer, of course, is impossible to determine.

What is known is that in the matchup with Colorado, Kyle Fogg scored 14 points on 4-11 shooting, Nick Johnson totaled five on 2-10 shooting and Jordin Mayes went scoreless in 23 minutes, accounting for the Wildcat backcourt starters. Subbing in was one guard, Brandon Lavender, who added six points in 29 minutes.

As background information: in 27 minutes a game, Turner averaged 6.6 points and 3.3 rebounds a contest, plus a team-leading 49 assists and 23 steals, all in 18 games.

So the proverbial elephant in the living room is what does Arizona Coach Sean Miller do now?

Does he allow Turner to return? For the record, in lieu of the Field of 64, the Wildcats landed in the NIT and lost at home last night 65-54 to Bucknell.

Does Miller make the decision himself or put Turner's status to a polling of his teammates, or both?

The answer must be determined in this context: Turner let down his teammates, to the point of 'possibly' costing them a Pac-12 conference championship and therefore a spot in the Big Dance.

That's major league.

At the level of requiring some sort of major penance if not an outright loss of scholarship.

The point can be made that we are talking a young person here, that some degree and number of mistakes are inevitable and such is accurate.

But do note that this is Turner's second suspension this season and another 'I'm more important than the team' display.

No, this is not meant as any sort of vendetta against Turner. The hope here is that he swiftly gains maturity and perspective and that he eventually actualizes his dream to make it to the National Basketball Association. It's also worthy to note that Turner was named as an honorable mention to the Pac-12 All-Freshman team for his on-court efforts this season.

A Wendell McKines press conference

Wendell McKines was uncharacteristically mute at a Wednesday press conference -- not. That would really be news. Here's Big Wen as his New Mexico State Aggies take on Indiana tonight in the Big Dance.

The All Golden Valley Conference honorees

Robert Schmidt has posted the All Golden Valley Conference honorees:

MVP: Andrew Lotts, Feather River

Coach of The Year: Randy Rick, Feather River

All Conference:

* Devin Crisosto (Feather River)
* Hawkins Budweiser (Feather River)
* James Williams (Shasta)
* Dylan Griffin (Shasta)
* Grant Blaser (Shasta)
* Maazin Butler (Butte)
* Eural Black (Butte)
* Ronnie Fields (Siskiyous)
* Eric Moore (Siskiyous)
* Shaquille Jones (Redwoods)
* Nicholas Guzman (Lassen)


* Nicholas Jones (Feather River)
* Stevonte Young (Shasta)
* Terrance Edwards (Butte)
* TJ Little (Siskiyous)
* James Slade (Redwods)
* Justin Miller (Redwoods)
* DeMarade Boyd (Lassen)
* Darius Jackson (Shasta)
* Mason Prowse (Butte)
* Treance Waters (Siskiyous)
* James Slade (Resdwoods)
* Wayne Pittman (Lassen)

Fullerton falls to LMU

Cal State Fullerton's season has ended with an 88-79 loss to Loyola Marymount. D.J. Seeley went for 32 points plus eight rebounds while Kwame Vaughn contributed 21 and seven in the losing cause.

More than you could ever digest on Sheldon and Jesuit

Joe Davidson goes extensive in his look at this Saturday night's Jesuit High - Sheldon High pairing.

David Ahern named MCAL Player of the Year

Based on a vote of the coaches, Marin Catholic's David Ahern was selected as the Marin County Athletic League Player of the Year.

Drew Gordon and the NBA

The Draft Express folks update their profile on New Mexico's Drew Gordon, pegging him as an NBA draft second-rounder.

UCSB falls by a trey

UC Santa Barbara fell by three to Idaho -- 86 to 83 -- last night as part of the CIT, ending the UCSB season. James Nunnally paced the Gauchos with 25 points and Orlando Johnson posted 19.

An Eli Holman feature

From the Detroit News and written by Tom Markowski comes this feature on Eli Holman, whose Detroit Titans face Kansas on Friday.

Another honor for Columbia's Brian Barbour

From a Columbia University press release:
Columbia junior guard Brian Barbour was named to the Division I all-district second team, as chosen by members of the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

Barbour is one of six Ivy League players selected to the first or second team in District 13, which was comprised of players from the Ivy League and the Patriot League. It is the third straight year that a Columbia player has earned all-district honors. Noruwa Agho was a second team all-district honoree in 2010 and 2011.

Barbour led the Ivy League in assists (5.6 assists per game) and was second in scoring (16.9 points per game) during league games. For the season, Barbour averaged 15.5 points and 4.3 assists in 30 games this season.

Barbour scored in double figures 24 times this season, topped 20 points 10 different times and established new career highs in points and assists in a game. A tremendous floor general, Barbour's assist to turnover ratio was 1.9 to 1. He also made 90.1 percent of his free throws, which led the Ivy League and currently ranks third in the nation.

Not only was Barbour one of the league's most efficient offensive players, he was an effective defender, often called upon to limit taller guards. Barbour finished second on the team in steals and even grabbed 2.8 rebounds per game in average of 35.6 minutes per game.

USF gets a point for next season

USF has landed a commitment from Avery Holmes, a 6-foot-1, 175 pound point out of Salem, Oregon.

Here is Avery's MaxPreps profile.

Here's video from December 2011.

Here's more: "As junior last year, the 6-0 point guard was the only underclassman to get all-state honors in the 6A class. He finished on the second team. Despite his size, Holmes is known for his physicality and his ability to finish above the rim. He’s holding offers from San Francisco, Northeastern, Harvard, Fresno State and other mid-majors."

St. Mary's offers a SoCal point

Per Eric Sondheimer: "St. Mary's has become the latest school to offer Pacific Hills point guard Brandon Taylor ..."

Utah has also extended an offer.

Here's some video:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ASTI's Girls Explosion basketball camp

 The Advanced Sports Training Institute (ASTI) has announced its first group event -- the ASTI Girls Explosion Basketball Camp -- for 60 high school freshman and sophomores plus elite eighth graders scheduled for Saturday, March 25 at Laney College. This is the camp for those players wishing to fast track their development.

The headline facilitators will be Anthony Eggleton of ASTI, Marqus Coleman of Marqus Coleman Elite Basketball Boot Camp and Ron Williams, head coach of the Laney College women's team.

Here's the emphasis driving the event:

* The ASTI Girls Explosion Camp is designed to help players of all levels improve their skills. Fundamental instruction, individual development and team competition will all be part of the camp experience and our teaching progressions take into account the age and skill differences of each camper. Our goal is to provide our campers with a solid foundation of training fundamentals and we'll provide the resources and direction that will enable everyone to reach their limitless athletic and personal potential. We will teach each camper how to tap into their inner power at will, allowing them to reach higher levels of performance. 

Campers will:

• Train in a controlled system that exposes them to periods of chaos closely simulating the environment of a basketball game.

• Participate in drills to ensure a clear understanding of skill sets for all positions.

• Experience classroom sessions on nutrition, academic preparation, college recruiting and of course highly competitive game scrimmages closely monitored and evaluated by ASTI Girls Explosion Camp staff.

• Receive a "Swag Bag" which will include a camp T-Shirt, Information packet and other goodies.

Come and Join the Evolution!


ASTI Girls Basketball Camp
Sunday, March 25, 2012
11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Laney College
900 Fallon Street, Oakland, CA 94607
$60.00 per girl
Register On-line Today!

Register on-line here.  

Contact Aalim Moor II at 510-435-9825 for further information and questions.

Weber State wins

Weber State took a 72-69 win over Utah Valley last night as part of the CIT. Damian Lillard scored 21 points and pass for five assists. off the bench, Jordan Richardson went for six points and a pair of assists in 14 minutes of play. Back from injury, Frank Otis got in for five minutes.

Jesuit comes from behind to take down DLS

Bill Paterson covers Jesuit High's 44-41 triumph over De La Salle.

Sheldon 59, McClymonds 55

Joe Davidson has the scoop on Sheldon High's four point victory over McClymonds High.

Eli Sean-Smith/Nor Cal Preps was also present and accounted for.

Now, it's Sheldon versus Jesuit.

AM 85, Chico 59

Glenn Reeves caught the action in Archbishop Mitty's 85-59 victory over Chico High.

Next up is Mitty versus Newark Memorial.

NMH 48, Serra 46

Steve Waterhouse took in the Casey Norris-powered Newark Memorial High win over Serra High.

Newark Memorial takes on Archbishop Mitty next.

The Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times on all the games

Jimmy Durkin, Matt Schwab and Scott Strain have all the big games covered.

SJND 66, Central Catholic 45

Douglas Benton/Nor Cal Preps was on scene in St. Joseph Notre Dame success against Central Catholic High.

SHC 69, Center 51

Jeremy Balan was on press row for the Sacred Heart Cathedral takedown of Center High.

Pinewood 50, Branson 47

It was Pinewood High over Branson High -- Dave Curtis offers the details.

More press for St. Mary's College hoops

Monte Poole offers a very informative column on how St. Mary's achieved and also has maintained success on the court.

SHP 58, Modesto Christian 57

Sacred Heart Prep proved to be one point better than Modesto Christian as Brian VanderBeek reports.

A Wendell McKines profile

Teddy Feinberg profiles New Mexico State's Wendell McKines, who leads his Aggies against Indiana Thursday night in the Big Dance.

The All-Sonoma County League selections

Eric Wittmershaus has the honorees on the All-Sonoma County League squads. Windor High's Tanner Giddings was selected as the MVP.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Mary's carves out success in the Bay Area

Josh Dubow serves up an all-around piece on St. Mary's basketball, one of the best and most unlikely collegiate sport stories of the past decade or so.

One snippet: "We've done it by winning, getting on TV," Bennett said. "We haven't done it with facilities. You can do two things with that. You can say `We don't have good enough facilities, so we can't be good.' Or you say, `We're going to be good and it doesn't matter what our facilities are.' We find guys who believe other factors are more important than if we have a good gym."

A Joe Harden update

Sean Maraz notes a geographical change in former UC Davis talent Joe Harden's professional status, which undoubtedly will mean some shrimp on the barbie.

If only Christopher Smith was a center ...

Christopher Smith and Center High basketball received the feature treatment from Bill Paterson.

Call it reloading, not rebuilding

Bryan DeMain/Appeal-Democrat takes a look at Yuba College basketball, past, present and future.

A Ramon Eaton update

Joe Davidson recently tweeted this: "Ramon Eaton of Sheldon-Sacramento no longer with Pepperdine hoops;still in school but will transfer.Nice kid,tough home life as a prep"

Another offer to Elliott Pitts

A recent tweet from Cameron Schott: "2013 De La Salle SG Elliott Pitts was just offered by Boston College"

Monday, March 12, 2012

Coverage of FCC winning the state championship

From the San Joaquin perspective, John Parker/FresnoBee has a game report on Fresno City College's winning the state championship over Yuba College.

More FCC - Yuba College game reports

From the Yuba perspective, Joe Davidson/Sacramento Bee plus Brian DeMain/Appeal-Democrat cover Yuba College's fall to Fresno City College in the California community college championship game.

The 2011-12 Community College All-State Team is announced

From Robert Schmidt:

Players of the Year

Spencer Butterfield, Yuba
Marcus Hall, Fresno

James Walker, Citrus

Coaches of the Year

Chris Victor, Citrus
Doug Cornelius, Yuba

First Team

Malte Kramer – Cuesta
Stephon Lamar – San Diego City
Kirby Gardener – San Bernardino
Corey Allen – Mt. San Antonio
Darnell Taylor – Saddleback
Ralph Williams – Los Angeles Southwest
Montreal Harris – Mt. San Jacinto
Calen Coleman – Cuesta
Rafael Love – Canyons
Cameron Gray – El Camino
Josh Smith – Saddleback
Delon Wright – San Francisco
Sama Taku – Santa Rosa
Andrew Lott – Feather River
Tyler Velasquez – Cabrillo
Brian Goins – Diablo Valley
Ivan Dorsey – San Francisco
Andrew Young, Monterey
Mikhael McKinney – Ohlone

Tony Gill – Cosumnes River
Aaron Short – Cabrillo

Honorable Mention

Brandon Newman – Imperial Valley
Aaron Moore – San Bernardino
Da’Shawn Gomez – Antelope Valley
Alex Strauther – LA Valley
Brandon Parga – Citrus
Brett McConnell – Foothill
Dylan Heath – Las Positas
Cody Kale – Yuba

Northern California players in action other than in the Big Dance

Besides the Big Dance, there is the CIT (and the NIT) and some northern California talents will be taking part in the games.

* Weber State hosting Utah Valley on Tuesday allows Damian Lillard and Jordan Richardson to keep playing.

* UC Santa Barbara is at Idaho on Wednesday so Orlando Johnson, James Nunnally, T.J. Taylor and Greg Somogyi will still be at it.

* Cal State Fullerton will travel to Loyola Marymount meaning D.J. Seeley, Kwame Vaughn and Jordan Knox have the opportunity to extend their season.

Here's an interview with Will Cherry

Head here to check out a Will Cherry interview.

Good read on top basketball prospect

Pete Thamel/New York Times profiles the life of Nerlens Noel, one of the the top, if not the top, college prospect for 2013, has the usual saints and sinners, if you will, surrounding him.

Will Cherry and Wendell McKines get some ESPN love

In Myron Medcalf's: "10 mid-major stars that could bust brackets" article, Will Cherry and Wendell McKines make the cut.

Food for thought

An interesting tweet from Doug Haller: "4 of the 5 players Colorado leaned on to win the Pac-12 Tournament -- Roberson, Dufault, Tomlinson, Brown -- unranked by Rivals out of HS"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fresno City College is the state champion

From Robert Schmidt: "Fresno City won its fifth state men’s basketball championship after outscoring Yuba, 39-25, in the second half for a 77-62 victory ..."

Alex Perez led the Rams with 17 points and Marcus Hall added 10 plus seven rebounds. FCC shot 8-17 from long distance to YC's 2-17.

Cody Kale topped the 49ers with 14 markers while Kevin Crabb added 11.

Here's Ref Heckler with a MB post on the game.

McClymonds bests Deer Valley

Ben Enos covers the McClymonds High 87-79 overtime victory over Deer Valley High, as well as other scores.

SJND runs roughshod over St. Francis

Scott Strain tells readers all about the St. Joseph Notre Dame 73-29 triumph over St. Francis (Watsonville).

DLS 54, Pleasant Grove 40

Mitch Stephens reports on De La Salle's win over Pleasant Grove as well as a number of other scores from around the Bay and northern California.

Serra 64, Las Lomas 43

Serra High jumped out to the lead and never lost it, taking down Las Lomas High 64-43 as Glenn Reeves details.

Foothill 50, El Cerrito 46

Eli Sean-Smith/Nor Cal Preps was at the El Cerrito - Foothill matchup and offers his game report.

Bill Paterson on the Sacto area teams and outcomes from last night

Bill Paterson has a compilation of all the Sacramento area team game outcomes and highlights as Sheldon, Newark Memorial, Chico, Center, Foothill, Branson and Central Catholic came out victorious.

Branson 44, Capital Christian 42

It came down to the end with Branson High getting by Capital Christian High -- the MIJ offers a game take.

Sacred Heart 80, SPSV 78

It went into overtime with Sacred Heart emerging two points better than St. Patrick - St. Vincent 80-78 as Thomas Gase reports.

SHC has no trouble with Miramonte

Jeremy Balan was on press row for Sacred Heart Cathedral's 90-57 thrashing of Miramonte High.

MC by seven over Cardinal Newman

Brian VanderBeek has the details of Modesto Christian's 78-71 win over Cardinal Newman.

Mitty has no trouble with Windsor

Ted Sillanpaa reports on Archbishop Mitty's handling of Windsor High, this despite Aaron Gordon out for major portions of time with foul trouble.

A Yuba College - AVC game report

Jimmy Graben reports on Yuba College's takedown of Antelope Valley College. Now it's the 49ers versus Fresno City College this afternoon for the state championship.

Media reports on Fresno City College's win

The Fresno Bee offers a pair of items -- here and here -- on Fresno City College's victory over Citrus College.

Wendell McKines headed to the Big Dance

New Mexico State had no trouble with Louisiana Tech Saturday night (82-57), thereby winning the Western Athletic Conference tournament championship. One of the reasons was 27 points and 14 rebounds from Wendell McKines, his 20th double-double on the season.

More on Eli Holman

Eli Holman is in at least one of the photos in this article plus he appears in the video -- check out the Titans celebrating winning the Horizon League tournament.

Missed this Bill Paterson article on Yuba College hoops

Bill Paterson has an article up from early Saturday all about Yuba College hoops -- it's a good read. Again, the 49ers play Fresno City College for the state championship Sunday afternoon.

FCC wins by two over Citrus College

Fresno City College led by three -- 43-40 -- at the half over Citrus College and were in front by two-- 71 to 69 -- after the second 20 minutes, meaning FCC will take on Yuba College for the California Community College state championship at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Tomas Sanchez led the Rams with 13 points, followed by DeAndre Medlock and Alex Perez each contributing 11.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

LB State topples Santa Barbara

Long Beach State took down UC Santa Barbara 77-64 tonight to win the Big West Conference tournament. Orlando Johnson and James Nunnally each scored 17 points for the Gauchos. Coming off the bench, Peter (Cañada College) Pappageorge scored eight for the 49ers. He scored 11 points in a first-round victory over UC Davis.

Yuba College takes down Antelope Valley College

After being down 37-34 at halftime, Yuba College used a 13-point scoring run to defeat Antelope Valley College 79-69.

Spencer Butterfield posted a 17/11 double-double, Anthony Romero had 15 points with Cody Kale and Deaundray Robinson adding 14 apiece.

Yuba will face Fresno City College beginning at 3:30 p.m. tomorrow for the state championship.

The Alameda/Contra Costa Athletic League honorees

Here are the 2011-12 All-ACCAL boys basketball selections:

Most Valuable Player

* Isaiah Brown (Richmond), Sr.

First Team

* Marcel Jones (Hercules), Sr.
* Langston Morris-Walker (Berkeley), Sr.
* Justin Johnson (El Cerrito), Sr.
* Marcellus Pippins (El Cerrito), Jr.
* Tyrell Alcorn (El Cerrito), Fr.
* Andrew Gilmore (Pinole Valley), Jr.
* Rishard Williams (De Anza), Sr.

Second Team

* Steve Evans (De Anza), Sr.
* Sam Kunz (Alameda), Jr.
* Henry Cornelius (Berkeley), Jr.
* Romell Barragen (Hercules), Jr.
* Devonte Anderson (Richmond), Jr.
* Jowell Vance (Hercules), Jr.
* Craig Salmond (De Anza), Jr.
* Archie Ronquillo (Hercules), Jr

More on the Chico State victory

Luke Reid has the fleshed-out details of Chico State's win up in Washington over Humboldt State. The Wildcats face Western Washington on Saturday in the second round of the NCAA II Men's Basketball West Regional.

New Mexico 68, San Diego State 59

Chase Tapley puts up 25 points and nabbed five rebounds but San Diego State still fell to New Mexico tonight 68-59. Drew Gordon didn't shoot all that well (5-14) for the victors but still totaled 12 points and 12 boards plus two assists, two steals and two blocked shots. New Mexico is in the Big Dance representing the Mountain West Conference while San Diego State will likely receive an at-large bid.

Yuba College set to battle Antelope Valley College

The Appeal-Democrat previews tonight's Yuba College matchup with Antelope Valley College in the State Community College Final Four.

This week's northern California Cal-Hi Sports Boys State Stat Stars

* Alex Fertig (Buchanan, Clovis)

The senior standout fouled out in the first overtime but still led his team with 29 points in a playoff loss to Clovis West. According to Central Section historian Bob Barnett, Fertig ended his four-year career with 2,287 points, the sixth best in section history.

* Edward Moore (Jesse Bethel, Vallejo)

He dropped in an even 30 points but his team dropped a tough 92-89 overtime decision to Deer Valley of Antioch in the opening-round of the NorCal D1 playoffs.

* Bryce Pressley
(Jesuit, Carmichael)

The son of former Sacramento King Harold Pressley just missed a triple-double as he scored 22 points while grabbing nine rebounds and blocking nine shots in a 64-62 win over Pleasant Grove of Elk Grove in the Sac-Joaquin Section Division I semifinals.

* Kiran Shastri (Miramonte, Orinda)

He’s on the honor roll again after scoring a game-high 38 points in a 73-68 overtime win against Manteca Sierra in the opening round of the NorCal D3 playoffs. He also had nine rebounds and five blocks, and scored 12 of the Matadors’ points in overtime.

* Kendall Smith (Deer Valley, Antioch)

The junior guard had a game-high 30 points, including a free-throw that sent the game into overtime of a Northern Regional Division I opening-round 92-89 victory over Vallejo Jesse Bethel.

* William Stallworth (Tulare)

After getting 49 points in an earlier playoff game, he scored 31 points, 20 coming in the first half, of a 76-49 win over East Bakersfield in the semifinals of the CIF Central Section Division II playoffs.

* Chris Swartz-Edmisten (Sacramento Waldorf, Fair Oaks)

Opening the NorCal Division V regional with a huge performance, the state's leading scorer rampaged for 49 points in a 73-65 overtime win for the Waves over Liberty Christian.

* Charlie Thompson (Clovis West, Fresno)

Charlie made the boys from Buchanan sorry as he scored a game high of 32 points as the Golden Eagles nipped the Bears 92-76 in two overtimes in the CIF Central Section semifinals. Charlie came back in the finals against top-seeded Bullard of Fresno with 28 points, but it wasn’t enough as Bullard won 69-54.

* Grant Verhoeven (Central Valley Christian, Visalia)

The 6-foot-9 Stanford commit has shown why he should be an All-American, according to Central Section historian Bob Barnett, who’s seen a few over the years. Grant scored 28 points to go with 17 rebounds and 10 blocks in a 61-45 win over Kingsburg in the Division IV section semifinals. The senior then led his team to its third section championship in four years as they buried Sierra of Tollhouse in the finals 76-49 as Grant put on a show by scoring 41 points, which is the most points ever scored in a final section game. He also tied his career high of 26 rebounds and five blocks. Grant has now scored 2,539 career points and has pulled down a walloping 1,732 rebounds, the second most in state history. The only player higher on the all-time list is Darnell Robinson, who snared 2,209 between 1990 and 1993 at Emery of Emeryville. 

Serra and Las Lomas tonight

Christopher Dicioccio has the preview of the Serra High - Las Lomas High matchup.

Branson and Capital Christian meet

Dave Curtis reports on the Branson squad which is going up against Capital Christian tonight.

SPSV and SHP to tangle again

As Thomas Gase reports, it's St. Patrick St. Vincent versus Sacred Heart Prep again.

UC Santa Barbara 64, Cal Poly 52

The Gauchos will now meet Long Beach State tonight for the Big West Conference tournament championship after getting a hard-fought victory over Cal Poly on a night where both teams shot poorly. Orlando Johnson led UCSB with 20 points and James Nunnally contributed 13.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A feature on De'End Parker

De'End Parker left UCLA and is now redshirting at USF -- Taylor Clayton fills readers in on the why behind the move and indicates that Parker should be able to get back on the court beginning next basketball season.

New Mexico five better than UNLV

It was New Mexico taking on UNLV tonight, in Las Vegas no less, as part of the Mountain West Conference tourney and the Lobos took a 72-67 victory. Drew Gordon paved the way with 19 points and 13 rebounds. New Mexico and San Diego State will now battle for the tournament championship tomorrow.

Arizona 72, Oregon State 61

Despite 14 points, four rebounds and three steals from junior Jared Cunningham, Oregon State fell to Arizona in a semifinal pairing tonight as part of the Pac-12 post season tournament.

Chico State 75, Humboldt State 68

It seems like they tangle about every week now and Humboldt State versus Chico State was spotlighted on the marquee again tonight in Bellingham, Washington as the two teams paired up as the #4 and #5 seeds respectively in the NCAA Division II West Region Championships.

It was 28-27 Chico after the initial 20 minutes and the Wildcats added six more points to the lead in the second half. Indicating the closeness of the evenly matched teams, CSU shot 50% overall to Humboldt's 49%.

Jay Flores led the winners with 18 points plus six assists, Amir Carraway and Jordan Semple each totaled 14 points and Jordan Barton scored 11.

For the Lumberjacks, Randy Hunter post a 16/12 double-double and Brandon Sperling went for 15 and nine.

SDSU beats Colorado State

San Diego State proved 10 better than Colorado State, 79-69, in a Mountain West Conference semifinal tournament game tonight. Chase Tapley contributed 17 points, six assists, four assists and a pair of steals for the victors.

Detroit five better than Valparaiso

Detroit topped Valparaiso tonight 63-58 to win the Horizon League tournament championship. Former Richmond High center Eli Holman contributed six points and six boards for the Titans and will be going Big Dancin' in this his senior season.

New Mexico State over Hawaii

22 points and six assists from Wendell McKines helped power New Mexico State University to a 92-81 victory over Hawaii in a semifinal Western Athletic Conference game tonight.

Long Beach tops Irvine

Irvine gave it a battle tonight but fell 68-57 to Long Beach State in a Big West Conference semifinal matchup. The Anteaters led 28-27 at halftime but the The Beach turned it on. In an off-shooting night, Chris McNealy totaled 11 points but added five rebounds and four assists for UCI.