Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Artis scores in Oregon beatdown of Concordia

Jeff Eisenberg has the details of Dom Artis' initial game for Oregon:
GOOD START FOR OREGON'S POINT GUARDS: None of Oregon's three potential starting point guards did anything to hurt their chances in Monday's 102-75 win over Concordia University. Highly touted freshman Dominic Artis started and scored a game-high 17 points on 7-for-11 shooting, though his five turnovers were a few too many...

More secret scrimmages

Jeff Goodman is back with more listings of the so-called secret scrimmages:

Thursday, Nov. 1
Stanford at St. Mary's

Saturday. Nov. 3
Santa Clara at California

Catch Humboldt State + Brandon Ashley

The Arizona - Humboldt State game tonight can be viewed on-line -- head here for the information.

Brian Barbour heralded

Benjamin Miraski places Columbia's Brian Barber in the #32 slot in his ranking of the Top 10 players in the Ivy League:
2. Brian Barbour, Columbia - I almost went with being the devil's advocate on this pick. Barbour's numbers and performance almost convinced me to put him at the top of the rankings. That would have meant going against almost every pundit out there. It would have meant bucking the trend. It was just that numbers for Hummer were so much stronger. That isn't to take away from Barbour and what it means for him to be the No. 2 player here. His 5.3 HW30 is the second best returning mark in the conference, and was the fifth best in the league all of last season, putting him just about on par with Zack Rosen in terms of value. Rosen walked away with the player of the year award with that value, meaning that Barbour could do the same if he turns in a similar year. I could see Barbour improving enough on the defensive side to push him into the top position by the end of the year. His offense is already top notch, especially with his move to point guard, which could have been a struggle. The race between him and Hummer to become the conference stud should come to a head in February when the two teams play their two games in the round robin.

Th3 2012-13 Santa Rosa Junior College Bear Cubs

Coach Craig McMillan sent a number of players onward after last season but still returns a handful of backcourt sharpshooters plus some new bigs.

* Max Fujii Point Guard 5-10 160 Sophomore Analy/Sebastopol

* Bobby Sharp Point Guard 6-0 175 Sophomore Cardinal Newman/Santa Rosa

* Quentin Mendoza Shooting Guard 5-9 155 Freshman Montgomery/Santa Rosa

* Tyler Imhoff Shooting Guard 6-1 180 Sophomore Napa/Napa

* Jajuan Hammond Shooting Guard 6-3 185 Freshman Bullard/Fresno

* Xavier McCall Shooting Guard 6-3 185 Sophomore Cardinal Newman/Santa Rosa

* Victor Aguero Point Guard 5-11 180 Sophomore Central Catholic/Portland

* Jordan Howe Shooting Guard 6-0 170 Freshman Carter/Rialto

* Connor Gillett Small Forward 6-6 220 Sophomore La Mirada/La Mirada

* Brian Johnson Small Forward 6-5 210 Freshman Maria Carillo/Santa Rosa

* Alec Kobre Shooting Guard 6-2 175 Freshman Montgomery/Santa Rosa

* Brandon Chavers Power Forward 6-4 250 Sophomore Warren/Downey

* Luke Cocheran Center 6-9 225 Freshman Del Oro/Loomis

* Darin Grayer Center 6-7 250 Freshman Roseland Prep/Santa Rosa

The 2012-13 Skyline College Trojans

Skyline Coach Justin Piergrossi is back with his 2012-13 bunch, a fairly even mix of sophomores and freshmen:

* Kevin Matsukura Shooting Guard 6-foot-0 175 Sophomore Mills/Millbrae, CA

* Marcus Chew Point Guard 5-foot-10 155 Sophomore Mills/Millbrae, CA

* DJ Harvey Point Guard 6-foot-2 160 Freshman Riordan/San Francisco, CA

* Agustin Arroyo Shooting Guard 6-foot-0 190 Sophomore Half Moon Bay/HMB, CA

* Kevin Brandenberg Shooting Guard 5-foot-11 190 Freshman Lincoln/Pacifica, CA

* Dean Ferrari Shooting Guard 6-foot-2 180 Freshman Burlingame/Burlingame, CA

* Daniel Selsor Shooting Guard 6-foot-2 160 Freshman Riordan/San Francisco, CA

* Matt Cesca Small Forward 6-foot-6 190 Sophomore Capuchino/San Bruno, CA

* Matt Ennis Shooting Guard 6-foot-2 165 Freshman Woodside/Woodside, CA

* Joe Scott Shooting Guard 6-foot-1 185 Sophomore Jefferson/Daly City, CA

* Jordan Dougherty Power Forward 6-foot-4 195 Freshman Riordan/San Francisco, CA

* Kevork Demirjian Small Forward 6-foot-6 190 Sophomore Lincoln/San Francisco, CA

* Aaron Brown Small Forward 6-foot-3 205 Freshman Wallenberg/San Francisco, CA

* Tom Kroner Power Forward 6-foot-6 190 Sophomore Lowell/San Francisco, CA

* Brandon Berkovatz Center 6-foot-8 205 Freshman Mills/Millbrae, CA

The 2012-13 Napa Valley Storm

Napa Valley Coach Steve Ball has a new harvest -- his 2012-13 Storm squad is very young with just a pair of sophomores:

* Rodney Fisher Point Guard 5-foot-10 165 Freshman Rodriguez HS/ Fairfield
* Corey Burrell Shooting Guard 6-foot-2 170 Freshman Bethel HS/ Vallejo
* Nate Gibbins Point Guard 5-foot-10 175 Freshman Vanden HS/ Fairfield
* D'Monte Britt Point Guard 6-foot-3 195 Freshman Rodriguez HS/ Fairfield
* Sam Howell Shooting Guard 6-foot-3 185 Sophomore Seattle Prep/ Seattle, WA
* Javonte Wills Point Guard 5-foot-11 170 Sophomore Fairfield HS/ Fairfield
* Jackson Bandy Shooting Guard 6-foot-0 185 Freshman Jackson Olin HS/ Birmingham, AL
* Kristian Grobecker Point Guard 6-foot-1 175 Freshman Pacific Grove HS/ Pacific Grove
* Daniel Galarza Point Guard 5-foot-9 185 Freshman Will C Wood HS/ Vacaville
* Tommy Fry Jr. Small Forward 6-foot-4 250 Freshman JFK HS/ Richmond
* Kameron Kiech Shooting Guard 6-foot-2 190 Freshman Windsor HS/ Rohnert Park
* Joel Webb Center 6-foot-6 190 Freshman Laguna Creek HS/ Sacramento
* Sky Geerts Small Forward 6-foot-3 200 Freshman Winters HS/ Winters
* Ben Jazuk Center 6-foot-5 275 Freshman Benicia HS/ Benicia

The 2012-13 College of Marin Mariners

Coach David Granucci has moved that proverbial 18 inches over from assistant to head coach and here is his initial Mariner team:

* Joey Rodriguez Point Guard 6-foot-0' 170 Sophomore Casa Grande High School/Petaluma, CA

* Rubyne Burrows Point Guard 6-foot-2 180 Freshman Dillard High School/Hollywood, FL

* Rashaad Allen Shooting Guard 6-foot-1 175 Sophomore Rodriguez High School/Fairfield, CA

* Merlin Edwards III Shooting Guard 6-foot-3 190 Freshman Marin Academy High School/Richmond, CA

* Allan Santos Point Guard 6-foot-2 160 Freshman El Camino High School/South San Francisco, CA

* Andrew Flohr Small Forward 6-foot-4 185 Sophomore Piner High School/Santa Rosa, CA

* Julian Williamson Power Forward 6-foot-4 185 Sophomore Rodriguez High School/Fairfield, CA

* Josh Turner Shooting Guard 6-foot-4 185 Freshman St. Mary's Ryken High School/Auburndale, FL

* Robert Bobey Shooting Guard 5-foot-11 165 Freshman Sir Francis Drake High School/San Anselmo, CA

* Josh Hayworth Power Forward 6-foot-5 190 Sophomore Casa Grande High School/Petaluma, CA

* Demarqus Wiggins Power Forward 6-foot-4 245 Sophomore Redwood High School/Marin City, CA

* Giovanny Thompson Center 6-foot-7 225 Freshman Klein Collins High School/Spring, TX

* Darrick McIntosh Center 6-foot-8 250 Sophomore Logan High School/Logan, UT

* Troy Moses Center 6-foot-8 246 Freshman Klein Collins High School/Spring, TX

Damian Lillard & the pick-and-roll

catcat has the Damian Lillard portions of the Sports Illustrated article about the venerable pick-and-roll.

The killer quote: "He didn't become a lottery pick in spite of Weber State. He became a lottery pick because of it."

If you're a backcourter, what offensive tactics and repertoire is your coach using?

Tapley & Foster heralded

Jeff Goodman's Top 50 shooters contains Chase Tapley at #30 with Santa Clara's Kevin Foster in the 44th spot.

Sac State over Simpson

Bryan Metcalf offers the details of Sacramento State's 88-55 victory over Simpson University with Mikh (Ohlone College/Washington High) McKinney leading the Hornet scoring with 17 points. Robert Frank out of Valley Christian High led the Red Hawks with 14 markers.

A Wendell McKines interview

Picoso at the Crimson To The Core Cantina MB has a link to an interview with Wendell McKines. Wen, now in France, checks in at the 4:40 mark. Go here.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pacific's Trevin Harris featured

The Trevin Harris story is featured by Jagdip Dhillon as the Pacific junior forward looks to make a larger mark on the court.

An interview with Collin Chiverton

Eastern Washington hoops serves up an interview with former Archbishop Mitty wing Collin Chiverton.

McKinney and Berry noted

Jonathan Reed's post about selections for Top Newcomer by the Big Sky Prospectus, Mikh McKinney gets the nod for Sacramento State and Davion Berry for Weber State.

Dellavedova honored again

In Jason King's Top 10 point guards nationally , St. Mary's Matthew Dellavedova resides in the #4 spot.

Humboldt State, Chico State and San Francisco State challenging the big boys

Noticed on the Arizona schedule that Humboldt State comes in on October 31, followed by Chico State on November 6.

Plus, San Francisco State goes across the bay to battle Cal on November 6.

In Tom Petty's words (sort of), they ain't backing down.

Sac State captains are named

Bryan Metcalf informs readers of the quartet of captains for Sac State hoops this season.

Yes, Dame's life has changed

Roy Burton talks with Damian Lilliard. A snippet:
“(My life) has changed a lot,” Lillard said. “I would go on the road and I would talk to you and that would be it. Now it’s like my life is to the public. Everything I tweet, I’m getting a thousand responses to. Everywhere I go, everybody knows who I am. It’s a lot different, so you’ve got to watch every little thing you do because people are always watching you.”

Two NorCal names on Portland's roster

As a reminder of past posts, caught these two named in a Portland preview:
Portland added four incoming freshmen to the roster...Guard Bryce Pressley (Sacramento, Calif./Jesuit HS) is the son of former NBA guard Harold Pressley and was a Sacramento Bee All-Metro selection, while point guard David Ahern (Kentfield, Calif./Marion Catholic HS) was named the Marin County Athletic League Player of the Year.

USF pursuing an Oregon shooting guard

Per Tony Jones, Utah has now also offered A.J. Lapray, a 2013 shooting guard out of Oregon. Jones has Oregon State, UTEP and USF as the other suitors in the running.

Wong to Cal Baptist

Former Skyline College and Millbrae High backcourter Kyle Wong has earned a scholarship to the Cal Baptist basketball squad. At 5-foot-10, he is coming off an all-conference selection season for Coach Justin Piergrossi.

It's where former Yuba College talents Anthony Romero and Kevin Crabb signed on and the Lancers trip to Hawaii during the season (a nice treat) as well as Dominican University, Notre Dame de Namur and Academy of Art University (getting back to the Bay Area).

Monday, October 29, 2012

The 2012-13 Cañada College Colts

Cañada Coach Matt Stanley returns with the 2012-13 version of his Colts:

* Nick Seyer Center 6-foot-6 200 Freshman Mid Peninsula/Cupertino

* Rashad Brackeen Shooting Guard 6-foot-0 165 Freshman Franklin/Sacramento

* Jeremy Norman Point Guard 5-foot-10 165 Freshman Lewisville/Lewisville TX

* Zayn Kirkendoll Shooting Guard 6-foot-1 175 Sophomore Valley Christian/San Jose

* Colin Wan Point Guard 5-foot-10 170 Sophomore Mitty/San Jose

* Qaadir Ali Point Guard 6-foot-0 165 Sophomore Tennyson/Hayward

* Justin Tuason Small Forward 6-foot-1 165 Freshman El Camino/South San Francisco

* James Osorio Small Forward 6-foot-2 185 Sophomore St. Francis/Cupertino

* Peter Hawkins Power Forward 6-foot-5 170 Freshman St Thomas More/San Jose

* James Testa Shooting Guard 6-foot-2 175 Freshman Carlmont/San Carlos

* Marquis Glenn Small Forward 6'-foot-3 170 Freshman Fremont/Oakland

* Paul Hawkins Power Forward 6-foot-5 175 Sophomore St Thomas More/San Jose

* Stephen Johnson Small Forward 6-foot-4 Sophomore Burlingame/Burlingame

* Corey Carlson Shooting Guard 6-foot-1 175 Freshman ISA/San Francisco

* Tyrone Dickerson Power Forward 6-foot-4 200 Sophomore
Marshall/San Francisco

* Aubrey Dixon Power Forward 6-foot-3 Freshman Elk Grove/San Francisco

The 2012-13 Ohlone College Renegades

Ohlone College Coach John Peterson returns with this season's Renegades squad:

* Casey Norris 6-foot-1 188 Freshman Newark Memorial/Fremont, CA

* Anton Miller 6-foot-0 178 Freshman Fryshuset/Stockhlom, Sweden

* Jarrad Jackson 5-foot-1 166 Sophomore Willetton/Perth, Australia

* Andy Mitchell 6-foot-3 185 Freshman Moreau Catholic/Hayward, CA

* Jason Bi 6-foot-5 190 Sophomore Shanghai Jiaotong/Shanghai, China

* Vinnie Toor 6-foot-3 173 Sophomore American/Fremont, CA

* Chris Read 6-foot-3 189 Sophomore Castro Valley/Castro Valley, CA

* Ashley Stephens 6-foot-4 205 Sophomore Frayne Catholic/Perth, Australia

* Karl Ohrner 6-foot-8 221 Freshman Lulea Riksbasket/Stockholm, Sweden

* Anel Bucuk 6-foot-6 221 Freshman Westfields Sport/Sydney, Australia

* Fredrik Boehn 6-foot-6 192 Freshman Asker Vgs/Asker, Norway

* Henry McCarthy 6-foot-9 209 Freshman Honefoss/Honefoss, Norway

* Warren Wright 6-foot-2 186 Sophomore Castro Valley/Oakland, CA

* Ring Ayuel 7-foot-5 222 Sophomore Our Savior/Sudan, Africa

The 2012-13 Diablo Valley College Vikings

Coach Steve Coccimiglio has a brand new squad -- 10 freshman plus a sophomore newcomer and one returnee -- this season at Diablo Valley College.

The Viking roster:

* Atakan Buyan Point Guard 5-9 155 Freshman Turkey

* Jelani Hardaway Shooting Guard 6-3 175 Freshman Freedom/Oakland, Ca

* Connor Jean Point Guard 6-0 160 Freshman Northgate/Concord, CA

* Damon Jones Shooting Guard 6-2 185 Sophomore St. Elizabeth/Oakland, CA

* Juwan Blakeley Shooting Guard 6-2 180 Freshman Liberty/Hayward, CA

* Justin Johnson Shooting Guard 6-3 190 Freshman El Cerrito/Richmond, CA

* Mike Harris Small Forward 6-4 215 Sophomore Monte Vista/Alamo, CA

* Kunle Fashola Small Forward 6-5 210 Freshman Clayton Valley/Oakland, CA

* Shamil Sharma Power Forward 6-8 200 Freshman Mt. Eden/Hayward, CA

* Kairon Moore Small Forward 6-5 205 Freshman Pinole/San Francisco, CA

* Noah LaBonte Small Forward 6-5 205 Freshman Deer Valley/Antioch, CA

* John Ocon Power Forward 6-8 290 Freshman Fairfield/Fairfield, CA

Loved this on Spencer Butterfield

Loved Matt Sonnenberg's take on former Yuba Ciollege star Spencer Butterfield after Utah State took down Grand Canyon over the weekend:
"...Spencer Butterfield - Kind of a quiet game out there with six points in 20 minutes of play, but there were a few times where that relentless motor of his that we've heard about reared his head. More often it seemed like he was trying to minimize risks and play mistake-free, which is ok for someone learning the ropes...But there were also a few times where he seemed to have a mentality of "F-you, I'm making this play and there's nothing you can do about it!"...That mentality is awesome! Butterfield is my bet to make the biggest improvement between the first and second exhibitions..."

Interesting conference rankings

Andy Glockner has his conference rankings posted for the 2012-13 season and they contain some relative surprises.

The Mountain West Conference owns the #7 spot, one slot ahead of the Pac-12 and followed by the West Coast Conference.The Pac-12 should always be in the top five considering the geographical and money advantages over most competitors.

The Western Athletic Conference is at #16 and, very surprisingly, the Big West Conference is #24 out of 32 leagues. One would think the Big West would be placed higher but Long Beach State and UC Santa Barbara have lost a lot of talent and the other members have yet to step up their programs. Getting San Diego State next season will obviously help

It's hacking time again

Some little gremlin has hacked into my Nor Cal Basketball Yahoo account again so please remember that any actual email from me will have your name in the subject line -- please ignore and delete all others.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

USF takes down SF State

Host USF topped the San Francisco State Gators 93-77 last night as De'End Parker went for 20 points. Former San Ramon Valley frontcourter Mark Tollefson added five points in 16 minutes for the Dons.

Nefi (Skyline High) Perdomo went for 23 points and Robbie (St. Patrick St. Vincent) Herndon scored 16 for Gator Coach Paul Trevor. Decensae (Serra High) White contributed nine points and four rebounds in 16 minutes.

DAllen noted for his defensive prowess

Eric Bossi (a Rivals sub is required) has selected Dakarai Allen as one of the best perimeter defenders in the prep ranks:
"The 6-foot-5 small forward from Sacramento (Calif.) Sheldon is a four-star prospect who ranks No. 106 nationally. Much of that ranking has to do with his prowess on the defensive end. Allen has the quickness and balance to stay with smaller players while his lean strength, length and overall tenacity allow him to hang with bigger wings. He should create havoc whenever San Diego State wants to turn up the pressure"

Two NorCal-ers with Cal Poly

A pair of Nor Cal players (both from Rio Americano High) now wearing the Cal Poly uniform participated in an intra-squad scrimmage yesterday.

Kyle Odister went for seven points and four assists while Drake U'u totaled 11 points and four assists.

Yeager looking good

Former Modesto High backcourter Sammy Yeager looks to be coming on as a senior at Cal State Fullerton as Titan athletics reports on an intra-squad scrimmage. A number of other Nor Cal talents also showed well.

Santa Clara recruiting

Josh Gershon tweeted: "It's been pretty clear that Jalen Richard is a steal for Santa Clara. The 2013 wing can flat out score." Richard is an Arizona high schooler.

Plus, the Broncos have Soma Edo on campus this weekend. The 6-foot-5 jump-out-of-the-building Texas prepster has also tripped to Murray State and Fresno State. His skills set at the moment is that of a power forward.

A Khufu Najee update

Caught this on the Allan Hancock College roster for 2012-13:

Khufu Najee Shooting Guard 6'4 195 Sophomore Berkeley/ Berkeley, CA

Najee played as a frosh at Diablo Valley College and then had a brief stint at San Jose State University.

Praise for Will Cherry

Jonathan Reed really, really likes Will Cherry talents at the point.

What's interesting and promising is that Cherry's shooting statistics improved as the season went along:

* 44% shooting overall versus 50% in league play
* 37% shooting from long distance versus 41% in league play
* 78% free throw shooting versus 83% in league play

However, his assist-to-turnover ratio does need upgrading -- 105/90 overall, 50/43 in league play.

It's worth noting that Cherry will be transitioning from being his team's leading scorer to probably the fourth or fifth if he becomes a pro starter a la Lillard. He won't need to put the ball in the basket often, just consistently when he shoots.

Play to your strengths, not your dreams

Frank Woodford is at one of those invitational events, this one in Arizona. How can you tell: "You know its a showcase when every post player is trying to play point guard"

Recognition for DJ Seeley

It's just D.J. Seeley as the sole talent from northern California in Jeff Borzello's Top 30 Under The Radar national selections:

Seeley’s offensive exploits were overshadowed by Long Beach State’s cadre of players and UC-Santa Barbara’s scoring duo. However, he’s now the big-time scorer in the Big West. He is a lights-out shooter from behind the arc, and is also able to get by his defender and score in the lane or get fouled.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Lees are part of a nationally-ranked team

Casper College (Wyoming) is ranked #11 in the pre-season National Junior College Athletic Association polls. The Thunderbirds feature sophomores Dominique and Demetrius Lee, formerly of St. Mary's High.

The 2012-13 San Francisco State Gators

San Francisco State Coach Paul Trevor has an experienced team this season, one featuring a large number of Bay Area talents.

Head here for a preview of this season's squad.

Below is the Gator roster:

* Winston Demmin 6-5 195 F Sr. Brooklyn, NY Boys and Girls Reedley College Liberal Studies

* Andre Jones 6-2 160 G So. Rocklin, CA Rocklin HS Graphic Design

* Calvin Otiono 6-2 185    G Jr. Sacramento, CA Sheldon HS San Joaquin Delta College Sociology

* Robbie Herndon 6-3 180 G So. Vallejo, CA St.Patrick-St. Vincent HS Criminal Justice

* Nefi Perdomo 6-1 170 G Sr. Oakland, CA Skyline HS Criminal Justice

* William Overton, Jr. 6-5 190 G/F Jr. Perth Amboy, NJ Leuzinger HS Academy of Art University BECA

* Jordan Reudy 6-1 175 G So. Burlingame, CA Junipero Serra HS Foothill College Business Management

* Steven Sanders 6-6 200 F Jr. San Jose, CA Lynbrook HS Canada College Business Marketing

* Rico Matheney 6-3 200 G So. Los Angeles, CA Palisades Charter HS Liberal Studies

* Alli Austria 5-10 165 G Jr. San Francisco, CA St. Ignatius College Prep Skyline College Business

* Decensae White 6-6 215 G/F Sr. Pacifica, CA Junipero Serra HS    Santa Clara University Communications

* Dillon Sabia 6-5 210 G Jr. San Francisco, CA Sir Francis Drake HS College of Marin Liberal Studies

* James Albright 6-6 219 F Sr. Oakland, CA Fremont HS Cal State Bakersfield Criminal Justice

* Max Fodor 6-8 250 F/C Jr. Fremont, CA Bellarmine College Prep Hospitality Management

* Brandon Tatum 6-6 190 F  Jr. Oakland, CA John F. Kennedy HS Las Positas College Creative Writing

* Arthur Fodor 6-6 215 F Jr. Paris, France Hillsdale HS Skyline College Computer Science

* RS Derrick Brown 6-6 195 F R-Fr. Bakersfield, CA Bakersfield HS Mechanical Engineering

Nor Cal talents in the Big Sky Conference

Jonathan Reed was a participant in the recent conference call of Big Sky coaches and these Nor Cal-related tidbits appeared in his post:
"...When asked about Collin Chiverton, he [Eastern Washington Coach Jim Hayford] said he is a lot healthier, and that he is looking for more consistency from him. He said when Chiverton is good, he is really good, and when he is bad, he is really bad. More consistency will help the whole team..."
"...He [Montana Coach Wayne Tinkle] talked about the decision for Will Cherry not to have surgery, and said it was the safer route for his future. He will be getting the cast off this week, and they are hoping he can return by early December..."
"...He [Sacramento State Coach Brian Katz] said that three guys have really shown they can step up and be contributors off the bench, and they are Mikh McKinney, Cody Demps..."

A Juan Anderson update

Early tracking of former Castro Valley High star Juan Anderson (now a sophomore at Marquette): the Golden Eagles went at it in a pair of scrimmages and here's Anderson numbers: 1. 10 minutes, five points, one steal 2. seven minutes, four points, three steals.

Anderson had shoulder surgery in May.

Damian Lillard keeps on giving

Roy Burton writes that Damian Lillard continues to bring attention to Weber State basketball even though no longer in Ogden.

Meet Coach Jesse Pruitt

Santa Clara Assistant Coach Jesse Pruitt is the subject of a feature by Bronco athletics.

McNally goes pro

Oliver McNally is headed north to play pro hoops. His teams -- Harvard and Branson -- won championships and such weren't just coincidences.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The 2012-13 Cal State East Bay Pioneers

Cal State East Bay Coach Will Biggs has a number of Bay Area talents at his disposal this season. For a writeup on the newest class of Pioneers, head here.

It's good to see guys like Spencer Britschgi, Gabe Kindred, Donavon Jackson and Ryan Hebebrand turn up. It's also hard to believe that leading scorer Mark Samuels is already a senior.

Below is the Cal Stte East Bay roster:

* Arturo Garcia F 6-8 So. 230 Palm Springs Desert Hot Springs HS

* Spencer Britschgi G 5-11 Jr. 165 Redwood City Chaminade University

* Jacari Whitfield G 5-7 So. 160 San Francisco St. Joseph Notre Dame HS

* Mark Samuels G 6-0 Sr. 175 Berkeley Berkeley HS

* Jason Smith G 6-3 Sr. 195 Troy, Idaho Walla Walla Community College

* Tre Mauldin G 6-1 So. 175 Lancaster Lancaster HS

* Gabe Kindred G 6-2 Jr. 175 Oakland Salt Lake CC

* Ota Okungbowa F 6-3 Fr. 190 Sacramento Monterey Trail HS

* Vincent Capellino F 6-6 Sr. 190 South Lake Tahoe College of the Redwoods

* Kenneth Farr II F 6-5 Jr. 190 Richmond Salesian HS

* Ryan Hebebrand F 6-5 Jr. 220 Livermore Las Positas College

* Donavon Jackson G 6-4 Jr. 205 Lake Forest El Toro HS

* Nick Marshall F 6-6 Sr. 195 Vallejo Las Positas College

* Jurrell Turner F 6-5 Sr. 185 Hayward Wiley College

* Paramvir Singh G 6-3 Fr. 180 Hayward Newark Memorial HS

Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story

The story surrounding Kevin Laue and his foray into basketball is fairly well known in northern California. Here is a New York Times piece on how it's been made into a film. Below is a trailer:

Medcalf with more on Sac State

Bryan Medcalf now looks at Sacramento State's four new juniors.

Goins with San Bernardino

Here's Brian Goins (ex-Diablo Valley College) in his Cal State San Bernardino basketball warmups:

Davion Berry noted

Found this in Martin Renzhofer's Weber State writeup:
"...[Coach Randy] Rahe isn’t buying those predictions just yet, especially following Wednesday’s annual Purple and White scrimmage. Junior college transfer Davion Berry scored a game-high 18 points from the wing, including a sparkling 5-of-7 shooting from 3-point range..."
Berry, out of Hayward High, actually is a transfer from Cal State Monterey Bay.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Caruso going Ivy

A tweet from Doug Benton: "Serra forward Henry Caruso has verbally committed to Princeton. Good pickup for the Tigers."

NorCal talents abound in the Big West Conference

In a Big West Conference preview from The Backiron comes these snippets on players from Cal State Fullerton, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara and UC Davis respectively:
"...Senior guards D.J. Seeley and Kwame Vaughn are easily the league's best backcourt, coming off a season in which they combined for nearly 33 PPG. They were two of the Big West's top six scorers, and Vaughn also paced the league in assists..."
"... [Chris] McNealy did a good job taking care of the ball (1.7 A/T ratio)..."
"...Backup Will Davis played only one fewer minute per night, but he set a school record with 55 blocks..." 
"...Other returnees include point guard T.J. Taylor, who started 14 games but only averaged 17 MPG. Taylor's best attribute last year was ball security, recording a 2.2 A/T ratio..."
"...Ryan Sypkens' return to health will be key for Davis, as he was off to a 14-and-5 start before getting hurt. He averaged 9.7 PPG as a sophomore, so the ability is there. His percentages were slightly off in the early going last season, however. If his sophomore efficiency (.569 eFG%, .583 TS%) matches his junior prolificacy (13.5 FGA/game), he can perhaps threaten the conference scoring lead..."
"...Drawing defensive attention away from Sypkens will be the job of swingman Josh Ritchart. The 6'9" junior was a highly effective defensive rebounder, but not so much offensive. Of course, it's hard to crash the offensive glass when one is busy putting up 180 three-pointers. Ritchart put down 38% from deep, making him an absolute matchup nightmare..."
"...Forward J.T. Adenrele (6'7", 225) led the team with a .523 FG% and 24 blocks..."
On the Big West All Conference First Team:
G D.J. Seeley, Cal State Fullerton (6'4", 195, Sr.)
--Capable of scoring anywhere at any time, and also capable of snagging POY if Joaquim's health slows him.
G Kwame Vaughn, Cal State Fullerton
(6'3", 195, Sr.)
--Vaughn may not have as many great targets this year, but there are plenty of good ones. Capable of taking on more scoring load himself if he has to.

Washington takes exhibition opener

In Washington's opening contest versus Western Washington, Desmond Simmons played 21 minutes, totaling three points (one of two on treys) and a pair of rebounds.

Damian Lillard, Johnnie Bryant and Ray Young

Bill Oram writes about the backstory involving Damian Lillard and Johnnie Bryant and the best part is the quotes from Coach Ray Young, who coached them both and probably also mentored Methuselah. Love stories like this.

Vernon goes with the Cowboys

Josh Gershon tweets: "2013 Tulare (Calif.) Union PF Keonta Vernon has committed to Wyoming"

Santa Clara also offered the 6-foot-6 frontcourter who seemingly has a more promising future on the gridiron but it's the roundball for him.

Interesting choice considering UC Santa Barbara was also in the running but Wyoming is in the higher level Mountain West Conference.

The Sac State newcomers

Byron Medcalf/Sac State Sports profiles the newcomers to Coach Brian Katz' squad in his Part One post.

Two from Bill Paterson

Bill Paterson has a pair of articles up-- here and here -- on the Nor Cal Preps 2013 and 2014 classes of prep prospects.

NorCal absent again

Don't see any NorCal talents in CBS Sports Top 50 wings.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A peek at San Joaquin Delta College

Bob Highfill looks at this season's San Joaquin Delta squad as Coach Rich Ressa is looking for standouts at both ends of the floor.

Recapping the Team Sage Rise Above The Rim event

Rise Above the Rim -- Incorporating Academic and Social Accountability with Organized Sports

Sacramento, CA – Participants attending Team SAGE’s third annual educational clinic for student athletes, coaches and parents, learned that focusing your efforts on the things you can control rather than the things you cannot is perhaps the most important element to elevating their game, and not only the competitive sports arena, but perhaps the most important strategy for winning at life! The event held at the State Capitol, Saturday, October 20th, gave area affiliates of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) winning strategies for what it will take to become a Triple-Impact Competitor. “This year, we wanted to focus on encouraging Team SAGE to explore life without reservations; learning the importance of team collaboration, and the art to conversing with the media,” stated Wornel Simpson, CEO and Team SAGE Founder.

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Trainer and Volleyball Coach, Ruben Nievas, kicked off the clinic with a competitive warm-up to teach participants a technique used to create desired outcomes by focusing on what you can control and ignoring what you can’t. The core of Nievas’ workshop was based upon principles found in the book written by PCA Founder Jim Thompson, entitled, “Elevating Your Game, Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor”.  Nievas provided each participant a copy and guided them through a section referred to as the Elm Tree of Mastery: Effort, Learning and Rebounding from Mistakes. Since 1998, PCA has been committed to providing youth athletes a positive, character-building sports experience, and has conducted more than 10,000 live group workshops to a combined 675,000 plus, youth and high school coaches, parents, student-athletes and school/organizational leaders nationwide. Nievas reminded participants, “Control over outcome is determined by effort, skill, ability and focus.”

Control over outcome was a continued theme in the second half of the clinic as “Tish” Palamidessi; Sacramento News 10 Traffic Anchor & Producer shared proactive strategies for developing and controlling relationships with the media. In her workshop, “Lights, Camera and Athletes,” Tish shared with participants that: Respecting the job of the reporter, Knowing the media in your area, and Preparing for interviews are the most important tactics athletes need to remember as they progress in their game. Tish reminded participants, “In sports media, it is important that athletes take control of their relationship with the media and not anyone else”. Tish encouraged participants to also spend time learning as much about the reporters who cover sports, so that they can anticipate questions and be prepared with responses.

WHO: Team SAGE (Scholar Athletes Globally Emerging) is a Sacramento-based, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball-scholar program that has earned national and international recognition in the AAU arena because of its focus on academic achievement and social accountability.

Team SAGE is a program constructed to propel Sacramento-area youth to a higher level of educational ownership and civic responsibility, as well as enhance their athletic talents resulting in intellectually prepared student-athletes. Each year workshop participants gain a better understanding of the issues that help or hinder talented young athletes and leave with a renewed sense of commitment to the SAGE mission, “to create an educational experience embodying the principles of sound mind and sound body, by incorporating academic and social accountability with organized sports”.

MEDIA VISUALS: (Team Sage Short Film) (

WHY: Statistics show when youth are unsupervised during the time period immediately after school, they have a greater likelihood of becoming involved in vandalism, gang violence, drugs and other mischievous and illegal activities. These problems are magnified in disadvantaged urban communities. “An at-risk child becomes an at-risk adult”.

History: Founded in 2009, Team SAGE, Inc. through its strategic partnerships provides scheduled tutoring sessions, mentoring opportunities, college tours, specialized athletic training activities, counseling and high level sports competition for SAGE scholar-athletes and affiliates.

Team SAGE served as the model program for a Team SAGE-Salvation Army joint venture coined “Project Tip-Off”. The program, funded by the City of Sacramento, Youth Services Dept., provided academic support including but not limited to professional tutoring services, SAT and college preparation for over 350 kids in several multi-family housing areas of Sacramento, including Oak Park, G Parkway, and Meadowview. Community service activities, health and nutrition education, college recruiting support, competitive AAU basketball team participation, sports camps, basketball clinics and other activities comprised the remainder of the program.

This event was sponsored in part by: Wornel Simpson, CARES (Center for AIDS Research Education & Services), Debbie Manning, Glenn A. Middleton, DDS, Olsen & Fielding Moving Co., PG&E, RCP-Sacramento, Sacramento High School-Varsity Basketball Team, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity‐Gamma Epsilon, Target Excellence, and Wells Fargo.

Brandon Ashley noted

The only Nor Cal talent appearing in CBS Sports' Top 50 bigs is:
40. Brandon Ashley, Arizona
Ashley is supremely talented, and has the ability to be an absolute matchup nightmare for opponents. He runs the floor with a purpose, and finishes effectively around the basket. Will he be the one Arizona freshman to break out this season?

Max Hooper photo

Here's former Valley Christian talent Max Hooper (on the right) at St. John's Media Day.

Bren Haley moved south

Noted that Pleasant Valley High (Chico) backcourter Bren Haley is on the San Diego Community College roster as a freshman.

Theo Robertson surfaces

Former DLS and Cal wing Theo Robertson is back with Bear hoops.

The Under Armour Central Valley Fall Classic

The Under Armour Central Valley Fall Classic featured a number of prominent prep talents.

Do click on the link above -- here's a taste of the participating NorCal prospects:

Dylan Alexander, 6-3 | G
Weston Ranch
Dylan is a unique prospect in the 2013 class because of his ability to play at the 1, 2 or 3 positions. He has great speed in the open court and is deceptively athletic, rising up to thunder dunk on any unsuspecting player in his path. He possesses a deadly shooting touch out to the 3 point range and most importantly he isn't afraid to take that big shot.

Daveion Leverett, 6-7 | PF
Weston Ranch
Anyone even thinking about contesting his shot should be prepared to be at the wrong end of a posterization. To say Daveion jumps out of the gym would be an understatement but it would be a mistake to think he's just a highlight reel. He has good ball handling ability and can grab it off the rim and go.

Kendall Smith, 6-3 | G
Deer Valley
Every time I see Kendall he seems to have added another component to his game. He also appears to have picked up a couple of inches. At 6-3 he creates match up problems for smaller guards. He has a quick crossover and an even quicker first step that allows him to get to the spots on the floor that he likes to shoot and get to the rim at will.

Malik Pope, 6-8 | W
Laguna Creek
Looks like Pope grew another inch since the summer. At 6-8 he'd be a formidable low post player at any level, but his ability to put the ball on the floor and push it like a guard makes him  one of the toughest defensive assignments. Not only can he attack the basket at will, he is developing an outside shot that defenders must respect.

Shaun Rogers, 6-6 | W
Deer Valley
Athletic wing/forward. Attacks the basket with gusto. Seems to relish the contact. Can also play way above the rim. His upside is off the charts.

Tre Belton, 6-6 | W
Capital Christian
When you watch Tre play it's hard to believe that he's just a sophomore. He has good ball handles and terrific speed. he plays the game with high energy. His upside is off the charts.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The 2012-13 Monterey Peninsula College Lobos

Coach Blake Spiering has finalized his 2012-13 Monterey Peninsula College roster:

* Joseph Lampkin G FR 165 5-foot-10 Valley Christian HS/Gilroy

* Hayden Mislavsky G FR 180 6-foot-2 Atascadero HS/Atascadero

* Ivo Basor F FR 230 6-foot-9 Watsonville HS/Watsonville

* Jonny Parker F SO 195 6-foot-4 Valley Christian HS/San Jose

* Adam Myren G SO 190 6-foot-5 El Camino HS/Carmichael

* Jai Bransford G SO 185 6-foot-2 Overland HS/Aurora

* Alex Aguilar G FR 170 6-foot-2 Piedmont Hills HS/San Jose

* Brandon Hanson G FR 170 6-foot-2 Monterey HS/Seaside

* Stephen Dorsey F FR 200 6-foot-6 Monterey HS/Seaside

* Zen Maki G SO 190 6-foot-3 Santa Cruz HS/Aichi, Japan

* Donovan Salvant G SO 195 6-foot-3 Seaside HS/Marina

* Jonathan Sims G SO 175 6-foot-4 Monte Vista Christian HS/Watsonville

* Marcus Colbert F FR 215 6-foot-7 Pomona HS/Pomona

* Richard Meek F FR 215 6-foot-5 Andrew Hill HS/San Jose

* Mark Relei F FR 195 6-foot-9 Sonora HS/Sonora

Another Sac State feature

Jonathan Reed looks at the 12012-13 Sacramento State Hornets candidates for bench production.

Somoygi let go

Former Woodside Priory and UC Santa Barbara center Greg Somoygi has been cut by the Lakers, who dropped Reeves Nelson earlier.

Vermeer to Annapolis

John Murphy has the news of Bellarmine shooting guard Grant Vermeer committing to Navy. A great choice by a great young man.

Talking with Desmond Simmons

Percy Allen interviews Desmond Simmons, who has a new role this season in the Husky offense.

Not Nor Cal-related but...

Luke Winn outdoes his usual superb self with this article on the 1990 LSU - LMU battle. Yep, they don't make play 'em like that anymore.

Listings for Cherry & Dellavedova

Will Cherry comes in at #27 in CBSSports' Top 50 Point Guards.

Matthew Dellavedova is numero ocho.

More on Josh Akognon

Phil Barber gets inside the Josh Akognon - Dallas Mavericks - China Basketball Association situation.

Lots of NorCal names in this Big Sky preview

Jonathan Reed's look at the Big Sky Conference this coming season includes info about Will Cherry, Jordan Richardson, Collin Chiverton, Davion Berry, Frank Otis and Sac State's Dylan Garrity.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The 2012-13 Foothill College Owls

Coach Shanan Rosenberg and his Foothill College Owls are back for another go-around and here's the roster in Los Altos Hills:

* Christian Bybjerg Center 6-6 220 Freshman Netherlands

* Suhail Mohammadi Shooting Guard 6-0 170 Sophomore Carlmont/San Carlos

* Bryce Sousa Point Guard 5-9 170 Freshman San Juaquin Memorial/Fresno

* Ryan Cali Shooting Guard 5-10 180 Sophomore Harker/San Jose

* Daryl Wong Shooting Guard 6-3 190 Sophomore Mills/San Bruno

* Jack Biebel Point Guard 5-10 175 Freshman Mitty/San Jose

* Tercail Hadley Point Guard 6-0 170 Freshman Valley/Sacramento

* Kurt Morris Shooting Guard 5-10 175 Sophomore Germany

* Victor Rodrigo Shooting Guard 6-2 180 Freshman Homestead/Sunnyvale

* Stephen Grosey Power Forward 6-6 200 Freshman Serra/San Mateo

* Brendan Carroll Small Forward 6-4 190 Sophomore St Lawrence/San Jose

* Brandon Willhite Shooting Guard 6-3 175 Freshman Woodside Priory/Santa Clara

* Daan Mutsaers Small Forward 6-8 200 Freshman Netherlands

* Gavin Reilly Shooting Guard 6-3 175 Freshman Bellarmine/San Jose

* Kuae Daiprai Shooting Guard 6-0 170 Freshman Brazil

UC Santa Barbara previewed

Blue Ribbon Basketball Yearbook offers a lengthy preview of UC Santa Barbara but it must have gone to press before John Green's injury. T.J. Taylor and Mike Bryson also receive some pub.

Ashley in double figures

Brandon Ashley scored 11 points in the Arizona Red - Blue scrimmage.

Kyle Smith reaches back

Columbia Coach Kyle Smith, formerly of St. Mary's, is still prospecting out west as Alex Kline tweeted: "Columbia offered 2013 Suffield Academy (CT) PG Kendall Jackson while on his official visit this weekend."

Jackson is doing a post-grad year in the Nutmeg State.

From last July: "Kendall Jackson (Suffield, 2013)- After a solid showing on Saturday, Jackson emerged as one of the better guards at Brandeis on Sunday morning.  He is lightening-quick in the open court and always a threat to get into the lane.  Unlike many guards, he keeps his head up when he gets in the paint, giving him the opportunity to dish off to his teammates."

Here is Kendall's initial installment for the New England Hoops News blog.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Coach McMillan back at Arizona

Per Bruce Pascoe's article, it's good to see Santa Rosa Junior College Coach Craig McMillan still so connected to his alma mater.

At the Arizona Red - Blue scrimmage, a number of the 1988 Wildcat team members, a squad that earned Arizona's first Final Four appearance, will be honored: "...From the 1988 team: Lute Olson, Craig Bergman, Jud Buechler, Sean Elliott, Steve Kerr, Kenny Lofton, Harvey Mason, Craig McMillan, Matt Muehlebach, Sean Rooks, Tom Tolbert, Joe Turner and manager Eric Meyer..."

Check out a few appearances from then-player Craig McMillan in this 1988 video:


Re-recruiting in a way not often thought about

Another column from Bob Walsh, this one on the importance of re-recruiting your players each day, per Mick Cronin.

It isn't a job, it's a lifestyle

The headline could easily be misinterpreted so let's get to the latest from Phil Beckner: "Around 3:30 today, Lillard was shooting by himself in an empty arena, wearing street clothes." Wow! some things never change. Loves the gym"

How to choose a team captain

Really liked this from Bob Walsh on choosing captain(s). It makes the process both transparent and quite telling you will know who and what you'll have on your roster.

Akognon heads east

Josh Akognon turned out to be the 16th player on a roster of 15 for the Dallas Mavericks so it's back to China.

A Jamaree Strickland update of sorts

As reported earlier, former McClymonds High big Jamaree Strickland is listed on the roster of the Queen City Preparatory Academy squad for 2012-13. The school is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It looks like the season started on October 11 but no scores have been entered.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The 2012-13 San Jose City College Jaguars

Coach Percy Carr is back with a new version of the San Jose City College Jaguars:

* Bobby Gray Point Guard 6-foot-2 165 Freshman Nimitz/Houston

* Dejon Negron Power Forward 6-foot-3 200 Freshman
* Dontiea Hankins Power Forward 6-foot-3 225 Freshman Foss/Tacoma

* Corey Barrett Center 6-foot-7 225 Sophomore
* Aaron Armstead Shooting Guard 6-foot-4 200 Sophomore (transfer from Wisconsin Green Bay)
* Andre Russell Small Forward 6-foot-3 205 Freshman San Leandro

* Trent Nelson Power Forward 6-foot-3 210 Freshman Mission San Jose/Fremont

* Stephen Williams Small Forward 6-foot-3 215 Freshman Nimitz/Houston

* Eddie Apodaca Small Forward 6-foot-3 235 Sophomore Bellarmine/San Jose

* Chigora Jones Shooting Guard 6-foot-3 185 Freshman Bakersfield

* Nedim Mekanic Power Forward 6-foot-4 230 Sophomore Willow Glen/San Jose

* Muktar Abdi Shooting Guard 6-foot-1 165 Sophomore Willow Glen/San Jose

* Stephan Hester Shooting Guard 6-foot-0 180 Sophomore Nimitz/Houston, TX

* Christopher Pender Shooting Guard 6-foot-2 195 Sophomore Mickinleyville/Mckinleyville

* Christopher Turner Shooting Guard 6-foot-3 175 Sophomore Oak Grove/San Jose

* Andres Arrieta Small Forward 6-foot-4 190 Sophomore Overfelt/San Jose

The 2012-13 Cabrillo College Seahawks

Coach Tony Marcopulos has posted his 2012-13 roster. Last season's Cabrillo College squad went 24-4 overall, 12-0 in the Coast Conference South:

* Colin Gruber G 6-foot-5 190 So. Aptos, CA (NAU/Harbor H.S.)
* Giovonni Gordon F 6-foot-5 Mt. Pleasant, MI (Macomb CC)
* Phoenix Bills G 6-foot-4 175 Fr. Edmond, OK (Santa Fe H.S.)
* Warren Jackson G 6-foot-0 170 Fr. Detroit, MI (Concord Prep Academy)

* Sean Filley F 6-foot-3 180 Fr. El Paso, TX (Franklin H.S.)

* Cody Love G 6-foot-0 170 Fr. Santa Cruz, CA (Santa Cruz H.S.)

* Dalton Noble G 6-foot-1 190 So. Salt Lake City, UT (Kearns H.S.)

* Korey Harris G 6-foot-3 180 Fr. Powder Springs , GA (Hofstra Univ.)
* Joe Saarem G/F 6-foot-3 190 So. Reno, NV (McQueen H.S.)

* Jake Harrell F 6-foot-4 170 Fr. Aptos, CA (Aptos H.S.)
* Robert Myles G 5-foot-10 170 So. Las Vegas, NV (Spring Valley H.S.)

* Tim Acquaye C/F 215 Fr. Oklahoma City, OK (Westmoore H.S.)

* C.J. Grigg C/F 6-foot-7 220 So. Reno, NV (McQueen H.S.)
* Da Karai White C 6-foot-8 230 Fr. Reno, NV (Bishop Manogue H.S.)

Avenant still flying high

Chris Avenant captures the Northeastern dunk competition crown. The 6-foot-4 junior came out of Sacramento High a few years back.

A look at USF this coming season

Zack Farmer offers his take on the 2012-13 USF Dons.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Team Sage's Rise Above The Rim event

R i s e A b o v e t h e R i m ! Incorporating Academic and Social Accountability with Organized Sports
SACRAMENTO, CA - Team SAGE: Scholar Athletes Globally Emerging will host its third annual educational clinic for amateur athletes at the State Capitol, Saturday, October 20, 2012. “This year, our focus will be encouraging participants to explore life without reservations; learning the importance of team collaboration, and the art to conversing with the media,” stated Wornel Simpson, CEO and Team SAGE Founder.

WHO: Team SAGE (Scholar Athletes Globally Emerging) is a Sacramento-based, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
basketball-scholar program that has earned national and international recognition in the AAU arena because of its focus on academic achievement and social accountability.

WHEN: Saturday - October 20, 2012; 9 a.m. – Noon

WHERE: The State Capitol Sacramento, CA 95814 Committee Room 126

MEDIA VISUALS: (Team Sage Short Film) (

Workshops & Presenters

“Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor,” -- Bill Herenda, Executive Director, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Sacramento

Since 1998, PCA has been committed to providing youth athletes a positive, character-building sports experience, and has conducted more than 10,000 live group workshops to a combined 675,000 plus, youth and high school coaches, parents, student-athletes and school/organizational leaders nationwide. Bill Herenda is the Executive Director of PCA Sacramento and is a key member of the 1988 NCAA DII National Championship UMass-Lowell basketball team. Bill serves as color analyst on ESPNU, the UC Davis radio network, Comcast Hometown Network, and as an on-air contributor to sports talk radio. In the community, Bill is an alumnus of Leadership Sacramento and the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce’s premier program for leaders. Triple Impact Competitor is an interactive workshop that will teach participants a three-level strategy to elevating their game by improving oneself, teammates and honoring the game as a whole. Participants will also receive a copy of the book “Elevating Your Game, Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor” by PCA Founder Jim Thompson.

“Lights, Camera and Athletes,” -- Leticia “Tish” Palamidessi, Sacramento News 10 Traffic Anchor & Producer
Born and raised in Sacramento, Tish Palamidessi has been with the Sacramento ABC affiliate, News10, since May of 2008. Before joining News10 as a fill-in Traffic Anchor and producer, Tish could be heard on several radio stations throughout the valley reporting news, traffic, and weather updates through the Sacramento-based Metro Networks, Inc.

In her workshop “Lights, Camera and Athletes,” Tish will coach participants on establishing a healthy relationship with the media and the key to mastering post-game interviews with poise, confidence, and competency.

WHY: Statistics show when youth are unsupervised during the time period immediately after school, they have a greater likelihood of becoming involved in vandalism, gang violence, drugs and other mischievous and illegal activities. These problems are magnified in disadvantaged urban communities. “An at-risk child becomes an at-risk adult”.

Team SAGE is a program constructed to propel Sacramento-area youth to a higher level of educational ownership and civic responsibility, as well as enhance their athletic talents resulting in intellectually prepared student-athletes.

Each year workshop participants gain a better understanding of the issues that help or hinder talented young athletes and leave with a renewed sense of commitment to the SAGE mission “to create an educational experience embodying the principles of sound mind and sound body, by incorporating academic and social accountability with organized sports”.

History: Founded in 2009, Team SAGE, Inc. through its strategic partnerships provides scheduled tutoring sessions, mentoring opportunities, college tours, specialized athletic training activities, counseling and high level sports competition for SAGE scholar-athletes and affiliates.

Team SAGE served as the model program for a Team SAGE-Salvation Army joint venture coined “Project Tip-Off”. The program, funded by the City of Sacramento Youth Services Dept. provided tutoring services and college preparation for over 350 kids in several multi-family housing areas of Sacramento, including Oak Park, G Parkway and Meadowview. Academic support including but not limited to professional tutoring and SAT preparation was provided. Community service activities, health and nutrition education, college recruiting support, competitive AAU basketball team participation, sports camps, basketball clinics and other activities comprised the remainder of the program.

This event is sponsored in part by: Wornel Simpson, CARES (Center for AIDS Research Education & Services), Debbie Manning, Glenn A. Middleton, DDS, Olsen & Fielding Moving Co., PG&E, RCP-Sacramento, Sacramento High School-Varsity Basketball Team, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity‐Gamma Epsilon, Target Excellence, and Wells Fargo.

For those coaches and teams interested in attending, please contact Velessata Kelley at 916-837-8614

Sad news to report

From the Las Positas Men's Basketball site:
Farris takes over as interim head coach

Assistant coach Ward Farris has been named interim head coach for the Hawks during the 2012-13 season.

Head coach Tony Costello, the Hawks' only head coach since the program was established in 2006, is taking a medical leave of absence. In early July, Costello was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer before undergoing surgery in early August. He will need to continue chemotherapy treatments for the next 6 months.

Farris, a former head coach of the Tri-Valley Titans of the International Basketball League, has been an assistant coach for LPC the past two seasons. Farris was a standout player at San Jose State, where he played guard in the mid-1980s. He will be assisted by Toby Merchant, who is in his second season at LPC.

"I feel real comfortable handing the reigns to Ward," Costello said. "He has definitely shown a capability of coaching at this level. I think the players really enjoy playing for him. I'm real comfortable with Ward and Toby in charge."
Let's all offer our wishes for Coach Costello to be back in the coaching box soon.

Pacific featuring three NorCal JC transfers

Jagdip Dhillon writes about the 2012-13 Pacific Tigers -- in particular, Sama Taku (Santa Rosa JC), Tony Gill (Consumnes River College) and Aaron Short (Cabrillo College), who all figure prominently in Coach Bob Thomason's plans.

Thames, Tapley and San Diego State

Rob Dauster writes in his Top 25 Countdown (with San Diego State as #11):
" SDSU’s back court, a junior Xavier Thames and seniors James Rahon and Chase Tapley make-up SDSU’s four-guard attack. Tapley is the leader in this group. He’s SDSU’s best shooter and the guy that often has the ball in his hands in crunch-time. He can do a little bit of everything on the floor and has been through the battles — barring a disaster this year, he’ll be the first player in program history to play in four NCAA tournaments. Thames is SDSU’s play-maker, and his ability to get out and run the floor is one of the reasons SDSU will be looking to push the pace this season..."

Looking at the WCC

Excerpts from Raphielle Johnson's West Coast Conference preview:
"...Reigning WCC Player of the Year and Olympian Matthew Dellavedova is back for his senior season at Saint Mary’s, but the defending WCC champions have to replace a key piece in forward Rob Jones not to mention rotation members Clint Steindl and Kenton Walker. But with four starters back Randy Bennett’s program is in good shape, and forward Brad Waldow is a player to keep an eye on..."

Under Impact Newcomers:
"...G De’End Parker (San Francisco)
Parker’s stint at UCLA was a short one as he had to return to San Francisco to care for his ailing mother, and now he’s a much-needed addition for a San Francisco program that was decimated by graduation and departures at the end of last season. At City College of San Francisco (2010-11) he averaged 12.0 points, 6.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game, and Parker gives the Dons an athletic wing to help out point guard Cody Doolin..."

Under Breakout Players:
"...F Brad Waldow (Saint Mary’s)
As a redshirt freshman Waldow turned into a valuable piece for the Gaels alongside Rob Jones with averages of 8.1 points and 4.4 rebounds per game. But with Jones gone there’s room for Waldow to improve and become even more of a factor for Saint Mary’s, and if they’re to repeat as WCC champions he’ll need to do so..."

Another Lillard update

Joe Freeman offers the latest on Damian Lillard.

Getting ahead of the curve

Love this Dave Telep tweet: "Cannibal of the year award goes to a Big East assistant who just asked me if I knew of any transfers. It's only been a week!"

Khirey Carson moves south

Amidst a bevy of foreign players, 6-foot-5 freshman Khirey Carson out of Las Lomas High, is on the Cuesta College basketball roster.

Carson played football and basketball last season for the Knights but chose roundball. He earned Honorable Mention status for his play as a Diablo Foothill Athletic League senior.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

DJohnson interviewed

Here's an interview with UW commit Darin Johnson.

Bigs things predicted for MD

Jeff Eisenberg forecasts St. Mary's Matthew Dellavedova as the West Coast Conference Player of the Year, Best Playmaker plus Top NBA Prospect.

The Hornets high on Colorado prospect

A Colorado Chaos tweet: "Colorado Chaos standout Justin Smith (6'6" SF Lewis-Palmer HS 2013) will visit Sacramento State this weekend"

Here's a March, 2012 article on Smith.

Love that name

Former Stanford baller Dan Grunfeld digs into all-time basketball player names and takes it deeper and into unusual categories than anyone has before, and with no cheap entries. Enjoy.

Time to move on

Reeves Nelson's lawsuit against Sports Illustrated has been dismissed.

Here's another take.

Of course, there was reaction:

Seth Davis: "I never did understand the logic of someone who was dismissed for "violating team rules" suing someone for defaming his character."

Gay in the NBA

Kevin Arnovitz offers a fascinating look into 'coming out' in the NBA.

As is stated in the piece, it will take a star, not a fringe talent, to do so.

Santa Clara in the running

Scott Sommer tweeted: "Tulare (Calif.) Union forward Keonta Vernon is down to UCSB, NAU, Santa Clara & Wyoming. Decision will come next week"

Vernon is a 6-foot-6, 210-pound 2013 power forward.

Lee goes Wildcatin'

So Marcus Lee went bluegrassin' or, more accurately, Calipari-in.

Congrats to him.

Here's Paul Biancardi.

Evan Daniels tweeted this quote: "Marcus Lee: "For the next four years I'll be attending the University of Kentucky."

Unsolicited advice: Get thee to the weight room ASAP as greater strength will facilitate a much better offensive arsenal and the result will be your choice of staying or leaving earlier.

Check out the facility housing Marcus' new crib (Marcus: get to know Chris Cain on a first name basis).

So Kentucky now has a quartet of five stars commits with one or two more possibilities/probabilities. Can you see it now: a new NCAA rule limiting schools to prospects totaling 20 basketball stars per class. That would really provoke a Rivals/Scout feud.

Josiah Turner resurfaces

It's the Halifax Rainmen (National Basketball League of Canada) for Josiah Turner right now.

Here's a look at the roster he is joining.

Damon Powell was a Halifax-er at one point, at least in training camp.

Blow this opportunity and Turner's done -- use it as a jumping off point, keep working up level to level and The League isn't out of the equation.

It will be fascinating to watch.

It's all about the Benjamins

George Dohrmann has been busy tweeting:
"Shoe companies provide the money that fuels the exploitation at youngest levels. #1 villain in my opinion"

"Not about silly NCAA rules. About exploiting children. Using them and tossing them away"

"Nike keeps corrupt AAU coaches on payroll but drops Armstrong. Why? Because those AAU coaches still serve a purpose. Lance doesn't anymore"
Dan Wetzel chimed in with:
"Nike dumped Lance Armstrong the moment he couldn't move product for them. Has nothing to do with PED outrage"

Missing in the middle

Gotta love an article with this headline: "Milk Carton: Where has the Center Position Gone?"

It begins:
If you ever catch classic NBA games on NBA TV, even as recent as the 90′s, the game of basketball is much different. For me, the first thing that jumps out at you is the physical nature of the game. You watch Knicks games from the 90′s and a lot of those guys would have no place in today’s NBA.

The next thing you notice is the presence of a big man on every team. Even if they weren’t dominant big men, almost every team had a serviceable 7-footer. Today, most teams don’t even have a 7 footer on the roster, and if they do, they are either projects or European wing players.

What happened? Does the world have less 7 footers than 20 years ago? Unlikely. So why are there more 7-footers working in cubicles as opposed to the paint? Here are a few theories...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet LeRohn Dodson

There are a lot of people worthy of the Mr. Basketball title residing at various locations throughout this country and the world and, although LeRohn Dodson would be the first to deny it, he is the Mr. B of the San Joaquin area of California.

The founder of Team Superstar, now affiliated with Under Armour (UA), Dodson is a native of the area and has long been involved in both basketball and in helping out youth.

He played hoops at Tulare Western High -- in fact, here's an excerpt containing a mention of Dodson from a Tom Hamilton/Los Angeles Times article dated March 6, 1990:
"...Tulare Western finished third in the East Yosemite League but came on strong in the Central Section playoffs. LeRohn Dodson averages 14 points..."
Named to the all state team as a high school senior, he was a four year starter on the varsity and earned spots to the all-league squad three times. Overall, Dodson owns eight Tulare Western High records.

Then it was off to Orange County and Cal State Fullerton for a year followed by two seasons at the College of the Sequoias. He was a captain and averaged double figures there. Dodson returned to the D-I level when he transferred to Eastern Washington to play for John Wade.

But after graduation came an ACL tear when he was attempting to land a spot overseas. That was later followed by a second tear. His play-for-pay dreams receded.

For someone who confesses "I had no intention of ever coaching" that became his next affiliation with roundball and it was his little brother who played a role in Dodson making that transition.

He formed a third grade club team to benefit a younger sibling. As his brother achieved birthdays, it became a fourth, fifth and so on grade squad. 

Approaching the high school years with his bunch, Dodson merged with EBO, an organization operated by Darren "Mats" Matsubara. Dodson's younger brother Grady would continue to coach the younger team while Dodson and Matsubara led the elder one. The best talents would be with EBO and the younger squad would act like a feeder program.

"It was quite a time," Dodson recalled. "EBO has been blessed to have some really good players come through the program. We had had such talents as Lopez twins, Carlos Boozer, DeShawn Stevenson, Quincy Pondexter, Matt Barnes, Jay Williams, Chris Jeffries, Jerryd Bayless, Mike Dunleavy, Luke Babbitt and many more. To my knowledge, I believe we have put more kids in the NBA and have had more McDonalds All Americans than any program on the west coast -- over 20 in both categories!"

After a long and successful run, Matsubara eventually left the club team basketball arena and Dodson formed Team Superstar. Sponsorship later moved from Adidas to Under Armour making "TS" and the Soldiers the only Nor Cal-sponsored teams.

Dodson added, "The Under Armour basketball division is new and we're helping to build a brand. It's been done in football -- players like Tom Brady and Cam Newton are UA-affiliated -- but Under Armour wants to be a major player in basketball."

There are currently 18 or so Under Armour-sponsored college teams. Originally there was University of Maryland (the state where UA is based) and now Auburn, Utah, Texas Tech, Boston College, South Carolina, Temple and others have joined. Look for UA to pick up a few west coast schools in the near future. They also sponsor 30 plus high school programs nationally and 24 AAU teams.

"Being with Under Armour is a huge opportunity for me and our program," Dodson explained. "They think outside the box and push limits in terms of creativity. Their edginess and new age technology is something that is going to eventually put them over the top. The goal is to capture the next generation, the younger kids. They are also in the baby steps of building this thing so to help build it from the ground up is what excites me the most. I'm just happy to be the guy to help build the brand in Nor Cal. UA is making some power moves."

Brandon Jennings, Kemba Walker and Derrick Williams are a few of the athletes currently affiliated with UA Basketball.

Under Armour also hosts events and tournaments like the Under Armour Championship Series which is like Nike's EYBL series. Stops in the UA Championship Series include Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Milwaukee. They also sponsor the Elite 24 game and the NBPA players camp in Virginia.

Dodson now says, "I enjoy coaching just as much as I enjoyed playing. My Dad,  Grandpa and brother Grady (Assistant Director of TS) are all ministers so helping people is very important to us. That's all I've ever known."

He added, "Getting a degree and a good job to take care of your family, that's what it's all about for these kids. Helping kids set themselves up for the long haul, that's the ultimate goal."

Dodson also greatly appreciates the feedback from his proteges. 

"Hearing a kid say 'if it wasn't for you I might be dead or in jail' makes you want to keep doing this. It's more rewarding to talk to kids who have achieved much in life outside of basketball than it is to talk to former players who are now pros. I've been at it for 15 years and I'll step down when it's not fun anymore. Right now it's still fun and very rewarding."

His top squad is loaded. "We have at least six high major kids and all 10 of our guys will get scholarships. But I'm real picky on who we pick to be a part of our program. The thing that sets us apart is we have a certain family feel to our program. I want to be good  and want talented players, but it's not worth it in dealing with parents who are overly involved. It has to be a good fit and the parents have to buy in to what we're about. And that's high character and quality. We will provide a great opportunity and big stage for the kids in our program."

* Malik Pope, 6-foot-8, Capital Christian (Sacramento), 2014

Per Dodson, "In March, nobody outside of Sacramento knew who Malik was and now he has 28 offers and is now ranked #12 by Rivals, #19 by Scout and #27 by ESPN. He just needed to be put on that big stage so he could perform."

* Austin Armstead, 6-foot-3, Bullard High (Fresno), 2015

* Fatai Eke, 6-foot-8, East Bakersfield, 2014

One description of this young man: ""While Eke isn’t there offensively yet, he’s a tough and strong defensive presence with a nose for blocking shots. Eke is physically mature and has a motor."

* Murshid Randle. 6-foot-3, Central High (Fresno), 2014

He scored 19 points, including six in the last quarter, to help lead the 2014-ers to victory in the recent Nor Cal Clash.

* Taelin Webb, 5-foot-11, La Mirada High, 2014

Per Dodson, "An extremely athletic and explosive point guard and the son of legendary basketball coach Vonn Webb. He is on the radar and being touted by many high major programs including UCLA, Arizona, USC among others." 

* DJ Wilson, 6-foot-7, Capital Christian High, 2014   
Dodson said, "He was hurt this past July but look for him to be one of the most sought after recruits on the west coast. DJ is currently being recruited by several Pac-12 and Big East schools.  

* Brady Anderson, 6-foot-9, Jesuit High, 2014 

"Brady is still growing into his long body but he is one to keep an eye on next spring/summer," according to Dodson. "He has great hands and soft touch. Brady battles, shows toughness and doesn't back down from anybody. Look for his stock to rise next spring."  

Next go-around, Team Superstar will feature teams in the 17, 16 and 15 age categories.  

"We are just getting started."  Dodson said.

Ken Rancifer noted

Former El Cerrito High frontcourter Ken Rancifer is mentioned in this piece on San Diego basketball:
"...Not only does San Diego return Anderson and Dee, but they also return the remainder of their starting five from a season ago. Ken Rancifer is the elder statesmen for Bill Grier this season. At small forward, Rancifer started 24 of 31 games last season and was a steady performer. He averaged about 8 points and 4 rebounds per game a year ago..."

More on the recruiting process

Rob Dauster and Jarred Jordan cover the nobody-is-fooling-anybody dance contest among the power player coaches and five-star prospects.

More on Jeremy Lin

Will Leitch serves up a lengthy GQ piece on Jeremy Lin. There's been so much in print already but this is still a good read.

CCSF and Eastern Washington University

In an Eastern Washington University Eagle Eye interview by Brian Blessing with Coach Jim Hayford, this appears:
...I asked him about the apparent connection he has developed with the City College of San Francisco program since he now has 3 players (Collin Chiverton, Ivan Dorsey and Garrett Moon) from the program.  Coach responded that he thought Dorsey really filled a need to help them “get consistent at the 2 position” and that Moon is more of a 2-3 tweener. He went on to say that he may red shirt Moon this year. “There is a bit of a log jam at the 2-3 position with Forbes, Chiverton, Kelly, Dorsey and Winford...

Some press for Brandon Ashley

This appears in Jack Magruder's look at Arizona's frosh class:
"...CBS' Doug Gottlieb named [Brandon] Ashley, 6-foot-8, his national freshman of the year..."
"...Ashley arrived at UA with 22 percent body fat and was at 10 last week..."

Could Sheldon's starting five all go D-I?

Joe Davidson writes about how loaded with talent Sheldon High is this season.

Tracking the commits

There are more to be disclosed but here are the 'announced' commits to date from the class of 2013:

* Elliott Pitts (Arizona)

* Jabari Bird (California)

* John Fenton (Colgate)

* Dakarai Allen (San Diego State)

* Raymond Bowles (Pacific)

* TJ Wallace (Pacific)

* Mario Dunn (Montana)

* Darin Johnson (Washington)

* D'Erryl Williams (San Diego State)

* Markel Leonard (Cal Poly)

Remarkably, each choice so far actually looks like a good pairing, with no 'reaches' on either side of the equation. Maybe that will help in reducing the number of transfers which will eventually emanate from this group as roles and minutes on the court are worked out.

Still loves Steve Fisher's landing of Allen and Williams as guys with a greater focus on doing what it takes to win rather than amassing individual statistics.

Also, we wonder how much recruiting attention Raymond Bowles and T.J. Wallace are still receiving seeing that Pacific has no head coach for 2013-14. You can bet the calls and texts are still in-coming.


* Marcus Lee just finished an official to Kentucky and will make his announcement today.

* Aaron Gordon ditto with a trip to Kansas.

* Noah Allen likewise sojourning to Washington State. The disrespectful treatment Harvard showed Allen is still grating.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marcus Lee to announce tomorrow

Curtis Pashelka reports that Wednesday is Marcus Lee's day to announce his choice of college.

Does this have a bearing:
"...He was scheduled to make one more visit to California before making a decision, but that trip has now been cancelled. It was rumored that the Bears coaching staff traveled to Lee’s home Monday night to make one last pitch, but analyst Evan Daniels told the Herald-Leader that visit never happened.

“They had two assistants at his workout but they did not have an in-home visit,” Daniels said.
The gut sez Cal, the head Kentucky.

A Jared Cunningham update

Jared Cunningham writes about life in the NBA for him.

More on Pugh going with Santa Clara

It was noted that Jarvis Pugh committed to Santa Clara last week and Blue Zertuche of TexasHoops has more (a Rivals sub is required):
* "It came down to Texas State and Santa Clara for 6-foot-6 Jarvis Pugh..."

* " a athletic swingman who can go inside and outside and works hard all over the court. He goes to the hole strong from 15 feet, has a nice touch in the paint, can finish in transition and runs the floor hard. He can create from the mid-range, is an effective scorer in the lane, is quick to the boards and works hard on defense. He isn't a flashy player but makes plays with his effort and nose for the ball."

A couple of tidbits from Phil Beckner

Phil Beckner tweeted: "2 things Young & New players struggle with at college level: Playing harder longer, and Preparing mind/body to compete every practice!"