Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brian Barbour heralded

Benjamin Miraski places Columbia's Brian Barber in the #32 slot in his ranking of the Top 10 players in the Ivy League:
2. Brian Barbour, Columbia - I almost went with being the devil's advocate on this pick. Barbour's numbers and performance almost convinced me to put him at the top of the rankings. That would have meant going against almost every pundit out there. It would have meant bucking the trend. It was just that numbers for Hummer were so much stronger. That isn't to take away from Barbour and what it means for him to be the No. 2 player here. His 5.3 HW30 is the second best returning mark in the conference, and was the fifth best in the league all of last season, putting him just about on par with Zack Rosen in terms of value. Rosen walked away with the player of the year award with that value, meaning that Barbour could do the same if he turns in a similar year. I could see Barbour improving enough on the defensive side to push him into the top position by the end of the year. His offense is already top notch, especially with his move to point guard, which could have been a struggle. The race between him and Hummer to become the conference stud should come to a head in February when the two teams play their two games in the round robin.

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