Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meet Fresno City College's Tomas Sanchez

Maybe he is on the appropriate recruiting radars, maybe not, but some coaches are going to rue the day they passed on participating in the Tomas Sanchez sweepstakes.

The 6-foot-3 Fresno City College sophomore is a combo guard, equally able at the point and two guard spots but even more important is the fact that he is the ultimate competitor, one who brings tangible skills and effort to the court plus intangible influence. Now some may claim such a mantle and some may wish for the accolade but Sanchez illustrates it, being quite the fit for Coach Ed Madec's physical yet cerebral style of play.

But it hasn't always been success for Sanchez.

As a senior at Shorewood High in Shoreline, Washington (just north of Seattle), his squad finished 4-16. The previous year it was a 2-18 season.

Then playing in a men's league in Seattle, one of the coaches there told Sanchez about Madec and Fresno City.

He headed south.
His take? "At first, I was in shock, thinking this is crazy. But you could tell it would be worthwhile in the end."

Now, it's "This is what I've been playing for, it's a good feeling. We made it to the Final Four last year and I've never been on a team that has gone that far. We we're 31-3."

Fresno City College currently stands #4 in the Northern California Regional Poll and #8 in the California State Poll, boasting a 18-3 (2-0) overall record.

Asked his best basketball skills, Sanchez said "probably passing. I've always been a pass first player and able to see the court very well."

His numbers to date: 11.3 points per game on 54% overall shooting, 52% on 53 attempts from long distance, 79% from the foul line plus 150 assists to only 41 turnovers. “More than his numbers, Tomas brings a winner's attitude, leadership, and intangibles that don’t show up on the stat sheet,” Madec offered.

Looking at himself from his freshman year to now, Sanchez sees a change in his role. "We have only two returnees this season so I'm mostly being a leader on this team, trying to get my teammates involved."

Coach Madec added “Tomas is arguably the best player that I have ever coached and he is not replaceable. He epitomizes what our program is all about.”

But why was it basketball and not say football or soccer for Sanchez?

He answered, "I played football as a kid but my love was for the game of basketball. I had a passion for it since I was really young."

Sanchez wished to thank "my mentor back home in Seattle, Antoine Jones, who always believed in me, my Mom and Dad and Coach Madec. I appreciate everything they have done for me."

He currently sports a 2.7 grade point average and is on his to completing the necessary requirements to move on to the D-1 level.

Sanchez concluded with this vow, "I love to play basketball. I'll always want basketball to be somewhere in my life."


  1. Great story about a terrific young man. It is a pleasure to watch Tomas in action. His leadership and unselfishness is amazing and if it came down to who should take that final shot with the game on the line...look to Tomas Sanchez. Ed Madec is a great coach and the young men that come out of his program, come out not only as basketball players of championship caliber, but even more so as young men with a very promising future in life in general.

    Chris Terrence
    Bend, OR

  2. Ed Madec isn't that great of a coach. When a coach belittles and demeans one of his players for choosing to play at a school he doesn't want them to go to because of an inflated ego and arrogant attitude toward Division 2 schools, that makes him a poor coach. If more parents or players really knew what Madec was like behind closed doors, I am confident he would have more trouble recruiting players. He may have had a championship team this past year, but championships aren't the only thing that makes good coaches. We have never met Tomas Sanchez, but hope that Tomas really has an opportunity to play at Idaho State and didn't just choose this school because his coaches said so and even worse, because it is a Division 1 school. I keep up with sports because I write about it for my profession so follow kids who belong to family and friends of ours or go to the same schools. We are friends of DeAndre's father and his wife and plan to travel to Hawaii and look forward to seeing him play as a Seasider at BYU-Hawaii. We are especially happy he will be able to attend a top notch institution in academics as well. Good luck to Tomas, Dre' and everyone else who was able to leave Madec's team at Fresno City this coming year.


  3. Madec is a great coach, and does not belittle his players. People like you and the rest of the haters out here is why this country is so soft today!! Haters gonna hate!!

    Former player