Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The USF Dons 2012-13 roster

Think big. Go big. How about play big?

That's what Coach Rex Walters will need to see come November as the current USF Don 2012-13 roster features 6-foot-9 freshman Matt Christiansen, 6-foot-9 redshirt frosh Mark (San Ramon Valley High) Tollefsen and 6-foot-9 sophomore JC transfer Frank (Salinas High, Cabrillo College) Rogers as masters of the middle.

Neither Tollefsen nor Rogers yet have the bulk to belly up with the opposing beasts so Christiansen will definitely need to be ready.

Why Mr. Blackwell, why?


  1. what happened to Danny Yoshikawa, assoc. head coach?

    1. Yosh is getting married. He and his bride are planning a several month world tour vacation. Returning later in the year and weighing career options.

  2. The rest of the WCC is laughing at USF and Rex Walters. How is USF going to defend big men like Manresa, Waldow, Fajemisin, Austin or Gonzaga's 7-footers? Bite them on their knees?