Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ohlone's John Peterson heading to China

A note from Ohlone College Coach John Peterson:
"I will be the head coach of a team of USA All Stars in in the "Men's National B Team" Invitational Tournament in China June 28 through July 10, 2012. 

The teams in the event are host team China, Lithuania, and Germany along with our USA team. My assistant, Justin Carter, will be assisting with the team as well.

It will be a very competitive event consisting of 9 games in 12 days, 3 games held in each of 3 different cities around China (Liuzhou, Taiyuan and Guangzhou). We'll play Germany, Lithuania, and China in each city and have one day of travel between cities for 9 total games. It is a great event that is much like an Olympic style of format with "opening ceremonies," a parade of teams, and national anthems for all the countries. Typical attendance is somewhere between 8,000-10,000 per night.

The National B Team format is not one the USA typically uses because we have NBA players on our Olympic Team. However, a lot of other countries do use this system. The B Team is made up of players who were recently cut from the London Olympics squad or who are future National Team members for the 2014 World Championships or 2016 Brazil Olympics.  The players representing the USA include three recent college graduates who just finished playing NCAA Division One, and rest are either playing professionally in European leagues or in the NBA Development League.  Their motivation is obviously to represent the United States as well as to try and secure a professional contract either in the USA or abroad.

Chris Denker of Net Scouts is putting on the event and all game results will be posted after each contest at:
Here is the USA roster:

* Marquis Jones
6-foot-1 175
PG Rhode Island/Germany

* Lance Jeter
6-foot-3 224
PG Nebraska/Holland

* Anthony Gurley
6-foot-3 195

* LaMarcus Reed
6-foot-5 200
G Texas Arlington

* Taj McCollough
6-foot-7 215
F Winthrop/NBADL

* Lamonte Ulmer
6-foot-6 220
F Rhode IslandNBADL/Luxembourg

* Tyler Cain
6-foot-8 235
F South Dakota/EuroLeague/Latvia

* Orion Outerbridge
6-foot-9 215
F Rhode Island

* Adam Waddell
6-foot-10 240
F/C Wyoming

* Brian Addison
6-foot-10 230
C Buffalo/Portugal

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