Sunday, January 15, 2012

Announcing the Advanced Sports Training Institute (ASTI)

"Be the change you want to see in this world" -- Gandhi

With that as bedrock inspiration and guidance, Anthony Eggleton and Aalim Moor II have now partnered to create the Advanced Sports Training Institute (ASTI).   

"It's a new vision for northern California," Moor explained, adding "our desire is to create a movement and build an infrastructure using a holistic and inclusive approach so that we have well-rounded young people becoming citizens of the community. It's a matter of cultivating beneficial values so that the culture thrives."

Eggleton, also the strength and conditioning coach at Salesian High, is very well known in the East Bay and beyond for his Ant's Mind and Body training but this new endeavor goes further.

 Legendary Trainer, Master Teacher and Mentor to all Anthony Eggleton

He said, "it's important that we call it an institute because we will be teaching and, as a group, we can make this happen. I've always been about passing on knowledge to others so that they can grow and establish their own identity. Our goal is to create a whole new reality, breaking down walls and barriers. I see this as a responsibility to the world."

Count Moor as a member of Eggleton's fan club: ""Anthony is a master teacher, one of the most uniquely talented, spiritually enlightened, well balanced and brilliant people I have ever met. I'm humbled and honored to finally be working with him. We've been trying to find a way to link up for over 15 years and now we've found the mechanism to do it. I'm thrilled to be working alongside him. We're all very excited and motivated to help build, shape, change and transform the world as we know it, one young person at a time."

Another individual who will be a mainstay is Kelvin Potts, he of the KP Project. Potts is on board as a basketball skills trainer: "I'm coming in with the purpose of developing basketball skills, all aspects of the fundamentals and some of the new basketball style."

Here's Eggleton on Potts: "I worked with KP when he played at Fremont High (also Eggleton's alma mater) and with the Oakland Rebels and hoped he would be successful at whatever he chose to do. He has, and will be bringing another level of professionalism to our venture and will broaden what we are doing."

Moor is also well acquainted with Potts. "I had the privilege of coaching him when he was a seventh grader and we brought him up to the 8th grade team because of his level of maturity and leadership."

Weighing in on the side of facilities and girls basketball training especially is Laney College Coach Ron Williams. "We have been doing outreach for some time and this new arrangement will be cutting edge crazy and revolutionary. There's a definite need for it."

Williams, who besides coaching at Laney has assisted at San Francisco State plus been the head coach at El Cerrito High and Alameda High, has a special interest and expertise in injury prevention, a bane especially on the female side of hoops.

Marqus Coleman of the Marqus Coleman Elite Boot Camp will be playing a major role in the Movement as well, working with the womens program and all other aspects of ASTI as well.

 Community Organizer, Local Business Man and Long time Oakland/Bay Area Basketball Maven Aalim A. Moor, II

Williams and Moor go way back. "Aalim played power forward at Berkeley High and I was a guard. He was a killer on the court, wrecking a lot of people's dreams our senior year."

Here are the foundation components of the New Movement:

* football camps
* basketball camps
* basketball showcases (tournaments)
* livestreaming of events
* instructional components for sixth, seventh, eighth graders, high schoolers, college players and professionals
*  Mentorship programs
* Job opportunities
* Business development training

This is what is needed in the Bay Area, needed in northern California, needed across the country -- a player/person-centric system, one that puts the needs and interests of each individual first and facilitates the all-around development of youth on the courts and fields but also in the educational and business world.

For too long, so much has been designed to profit the adults in the equation. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with that direction unless and until that becomes the primary focus. Then it's an enterprise where the transaction is profit based and focused, with crumbs left over for those who could most benefit from a wide spectrum of integrated guidance, direction and development.

It's way past time to go long, so to speak, in facilitating progress in this regard. Additionally, the spectrum of need this endeavor covers is both breath-taking and necessary.

The paradigm has at long last shifted.

 "Our personal and professional unity, commitment and focus to the ASTI Movement. We want to create a spirit of excitement, enthusiasm and encouragement, as well as elicit, educe and evoke positive emotions from all!" according to Anthony and Aalim

The approach of everyone involved here is best summed up in a line from Eggleton: "you are not the world, you are part of it -- be humble."

The ASTI Youtube Channel is: ASTIfam

The ASTI Twitter site is: @ASTIfam

The ASTI Facebook page is: Advanced Sports Training Institute (ASTI)

For donations, please contact: Aalim A. Moor, II at the information below

Aalim A. Moor, II
Advanced Sports Training Institute LLC
3820 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, Ca. 94609
510-653-8977 (office)
510-435-9825 (cell)

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