Sunday, December 4, 2016

Looking at FCC

Fresno City College currently stands at 6-3 (with but three home games thus far). Just two Rams are scoring in double figures -- Jess Spivey at 11.0 and Cole Morgan with 10.3. Five others are averaging between five and ten points per contest.

So how have they run off victories against such stalwart foes as Mt. San Antonio, Sierra, CCSF and Citrus?

A dissertation could be written about the system used by Coach Ed Madec but, in short, it's obviously working. However, a factor that doesn't seem to receive much attention though is that anyone on the Rams can be the leading scorer on any given night. FCC is not a team featuring one or two high scorers with the remainder of the team in supportive roles. This means that opposing coaches can't focus defenses on stopping or slowing down certain players -- shots taken from certain areas, yes -- but not necessarily particular individuals.

Working backwards this season, it was Fred Lavender with 14 points leading the charge against Merritt. Christian Carroll's 11 points placed him second. Versus Cerritos, Tyus Millhollin was out in front with 15 points. Carroll scored 13.

The matchup with Citrus had Cole Morgan at 17, Carroll 16 and Millhollin 14. With CCSF as the opponent, Eric Pierce tallied 20 points alongside Tommy Nuno's 19. Against Sierra, Morgan was the only Ram in double figures with 16.

Versus Mt. San Antonio, four players reached double figures: Jess Spivey 16, Cole Morgan 15, Christian Carroll 13 and Fred Lavender 10. Going up against Santa Rosa Junior College, Millhollin scored 16, Pierce 13 and Zach Savage 12.

Battling Mt. San Antonio early on, it was Spivey with 13 and Carroll scoring 12. The season opener against Napa was when Spivey shot 10-10 from three-point range and finished with 30 points, followed by Ian Miller's 12 plus 10 apiece by Carroll and Morgan.

So among many other FCC elements, it's try picking your poison because someone, or two, will pop up and lead in scoring.

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