Friday, January 31, 2014

Meet Israel Hakim

One of the descriptions of Israel is as the land of milk and honey. For Cañada College and Israel Hakim, being positioned in the paint is milk and honey. The freshman currently leads the Coast Conference North with 20.9 points per game while shooting 55% and he is also grabbing 5.8 rebounds an outing.

Just twice this season has Hakim failed to register double figures in scoring, with a high of 37 points. He also averages just under 11 free throw attempts a contest which is remarkable considering he measures out at just 6-foot-3.

Cañada Coach Mike Reynoso calls his top scorer "an aggressive player and a quick jumper who can attack the hoop and post up on mismatches. Israel is one of the top two athletes on the floor at all times."

Plus, Reynoso utilizes Hakim for a specific responsibility at the other end of the floor --"he defends the best opposing player," crediting his freshman for having a special level of endurance. Very few leading scorers pull this double duty which is another element that makes Hakim special.

It's still a ways off but a query regarding Hakim's next level destination produced this answer from Reynoso: "Israel will need to work on handling the ball and shooting jumpshots over the summer."

But it's money in the bank that the former Palo Alto High talent can play at the DII level. His athleticism is of the DI variety according to Reynoso so his four-year landing spot will be predicated on skills betterment.

Meanwhile, it's up, up and away for a certain young man in Redwood City.

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