Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Finch" on four Nor Cal draft prospects

Seth Davis' "Finch"  give "his" take on various NBA draft prospects -- here are the northern California-connected talents:

* Jabari Brown, 6-4 guard, Missouri. "I liked him in the season, but I didn't like him in the workouts as much. He's going to be really challenged athletically. He's a good shooter, but when you're one-dimensional like him, you have to be an elite shooter, and I don't see him as that."

* Aaron Gordon, 6-9 forward, Arizona. "He's just an athletic freak. Playing hard is a skill in our league, and he's better than Kenneth Faried with that. The offensive piece will come. I see a Shawn Marion-type player. He'll never shoot like Ray Allen, but he has great work ethic. His shot will get better. What gets lost is he doesn't have any back-to-the-basket moves, either. You're just hoping he gets good enough offensively that people have to guard him."

* Dwight Powell, 6-11 forward, Stanford. "In the workout I saw, he was better than I thought. A little tougher than I thought. He's skilled and a pretty good athlete, which is a good combo to start with. People say he's soft, but he's the furthest thing from soft. Good rebounders are not soft. He's a finesse player."

* Xavier Thames, 6-3 guard, San Diego State. "I think people are sleeping on him. That kid can run a team. He destroyed Kansas this year. Tough, hard-nosed kid, but he doesn't have NBA speed or athleticism."

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