Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Walsh being honest

Here's a feature on Coach Bob Walsh who has taken over at Maine -- not too many would say this for print so kudos to him for doing so:

...The largest concern facing Walsh, who compiled a 204-63 record at Rhode Island College over nie seasons, is developing that relationship with his players. He said that in his first season at the Division III school in 2005, he struggled to build that foundation with his players.

“I didn’t do a great job of it in my first year and I’ll never forget that,” Walsh said. “I think they all liked me before they really respected me and really bought in. Regardless of whether you take over a great team with a ton of talent or a bad team with no talent things are going to change.”

“The culture, the approach is going to change with a new head coach and I think that’s something that I learned through my first year that I really didn’t do a great job. I was more concerned with relating to them than I was earning their trust and respect that I needed to get the most out of them...”

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