Sunday, June 19, 2016

That was a great game to watch

You may or may not have enjoyed the outcome but Game Seven was overall certainly wonderful basketball to watch.

A few thoughts: it's amazing how smart and unselfish teams can still stray away from good (and necessary) ball movement ... this is from someone who hasn't watched the Warriors all that many times but Curry and Thompson were guilty of taking multiple inappropriate shots (not just considering distance from the hoop but not first getting the body set, too early in the shot clock, without at least a few passes first to generate defensive movement and with no teammates in rebounding position). Maybe 'those' shots mostly went in during the regular season but the championship series is not an 82-game slog ... both Thompson and Curry went behind the back with passes -- the former putting the ball into the hands of a teammate in excellent shooting position but the latter was a turnover ... the last five minutes was not what Warrior basketball has come to be defined which is disappointing to witness ... remarkably, only Draymond Green, with Kevin Love coming in second, had efficient plus games.

Dan McDonald: "So we had this Game 7 to finish the NBA season and the UNC/Villanova game to end college season? Literally can't get better."

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