Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NBA labor peace

"Nothing finalized yet, but labor peace looking more and more possible in NBA" -- David Aldridge


"Agreements are also close on significant raises for NBA Development League players, from their current salary ceiling of $26,000 for the highest-paid players to up to $75,000, as the league hopes to continue developing the D-League. That will be concurrent with “two-way” contracts similar to those in Major League Baseball and the NHL that allows teams to send players on the parent team down to the minors. The player’s pay depends on whether he’s up or down. But a higher D-League salary will make those trips a little more palatable."


"Other issues, like the age limit for players entering the league, are still on the table. The league has long sought to increase the age limit from its current 19, and at least one year removed from one’s high school class, to at least 20 years of age. The union has talked about a “zero and two” setup, similar to that used by baseball -- players can enter the Draft out of high school, but if they choose to go to college, they have to stay in college at least two years (in baseball, it’s three years) before declaring for the Draft."

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