Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's not always going to happen even if the contract is greener tidbits

Inside CBB: "Coaches are starting to realize that taking a head job is not worth the risk when the athletic dept is dysfunctional: See Cal and Duquesne"

To a query asking if Randy Bennett interviewed for the Cal jon, Jon Wilner replied: "Yes. Absolutely. Terms were discussed."

More Jon Wilner: "1 fball 1 bowl in 5 yrs, fire HC
2 bball no NCAA Ws in 4 yrs, HC bolts
3 massive deficit
4 crushing debt service
5 spt cuts possble
rah rah?"

About the Archie Miller to North Carolina State certainty: “Yeah, everyone thought NC State, but I knew that wasn’t gonna happen,” John Miller, Archie's father, said to Tom Archdeacon of my Dayton Daily News. “He knows that place too well. You gotta have trust in the people above you that they’ll stand by you.”

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