Monday, March 27, 2017

Many ways to field a successful team

Mark Ziegler: "...You have one team (UNC) where nobody transfers in or out, that patiently grooms its players, that has a steady stream of five-star recruits and McDonald’s all-Americans but no one-and-dones in a decade, that starts three juniors and a senior.

You have one team (Gonzaga) that ranked 320th out of 351 Division I teams in continuity of minutes from last year, that starts three transfers plus a center who sat out most of last season, that brings a true freshman as the first guy off the bench.

You have one team (South Carolina) with players from Canada, Australia, Gabon, Senegal and Estonia and a head coach whose parents are Cuban exiles.

You have one team (Oregon) that has used all of the above, some high school recruits from L.A., some junior college transfers, a star forward from Canada, a backup center from England and a fifth-year senior transfer who is the oldest player in the tournament..."

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