Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Sonny again

If he ever really left, here's a welcome back to Sonny Vaccaro. We reached out for the sentiment of a couple of college coaches about this news and our best summary is this: 'recruiting in basketball can't get any worse than it already is.'

It has to be Li Neng that will offer the best deal to Mr. V because that's the company needing to make the biggest push into the sports world.

The most pertinent question for northern California hoops is who will be the Vaccaro point man in Oakland? He'll have many willing applicants to choose from so who are the best positioned individuals?
Nearly armed and ready, Vaccaro tries to regain summer throne
Gary Parrish
CBS Sports
August 23, 2010

Sonny Vaccaro spent decades running the summer basketball scene, almost always luring the nation's top prospects to his events regardless of affiliation. Nike. adidas. Reebok. The company never mattered much. What Vaccaro proved time and again is that he could align with elite recruits and produce the best showcases as long as he was armed with large sums of money and boxes of apparel.

And now he's about to try to prove it again.

"I do think something is going to happen," Vaccaro told "I'm not sure what, but I think something is going to happen."

Though vague on specifics out of fear of "jinxing it," Vaccaro confirmed what multiple sources have told in recent weeks -- that he's being pursued by four different companies, that he will meet with them after Labor Day, and that, if all goes well, Vaccaro will, after sitting out the past three summers, soon begin his quest to again dominate amateur basketball at the grassroots level...
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