Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet Parker Farris

Yes, Parker Farris is up at McKinleyville High, past Arcata in Humboldt County.

That's a negative in terms of visibility.

His body, in something applicable to close to 100% of high school seniors, could use further musculature.

Strike two.

However, consider that he's currently 6-foot-4.

He's a pitcher, a quarterback and the primary offensive tool for his team in basketball. Good things happen when the ball, of any sort, is in his hands.

He's a gym rat and a winner.

He owns a 3.6 to 4.0 grade point average.

He will three-point you to a loss if his opponent is lax, probably even regardless of the defensive effort applied against him.

That's quite a roll of positives.

His Lakeshow team won the Bay Area Memorial Day Classic tournament and also performed well at Adidas Three Stripes. That produced some buzz for Farris even though club team play is probably not the best showcase for his strengths.

In Las Vegas come late July, Lakeshow took just one game but "I played solid," as Farris put it. He believes it's his defense that improved the most over spring and summer. His McKinleyville High Coach Brian Koury offered, "Parker's AAU coaches really pushed him hard to guard the opponents best player."

Now he's working hard once again, hoping his high school hoops team does well this season and goes deep in the section. That will produce more eyeballs to his game. Hopefully, the important ones who have scholarships to offer.

Asked who is checking him out, Farris offered, "Humboldt State, Cal State Monterey Bay, San Francisco State and UC San Diego."

He has an inherent understanding of the game and he can shoot, two elements difficult if not impossible to teach or change.

Now Farris cannot control his recognition but he's doing what he can to become known. The addition of muscle will come with a collegiate weight program, something certainly do-able.

So who is going to see this veritable diamond-in-the-rough?

That is, before he starts hammering opponents who will be left wondering where this guy came from.

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