Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meet Terrence White

Football or basketball? Basketball or football? Options are always good to have even if the ultimate decision might be a difficult one. Team Sage and Inderkum High dual sport talent Terrence White might just decide to try both in college.

A 16-year-old 6-foot-1 junior, White is a combination backcourter and running back/defensive back and has created interest for his services in both sports based on his participation in just his first two years of high school.

With roundball in particular, he's been a starter and all-league selection since his freshman season and White led his varsity Tiger teammates with 14.8 points per game as a sophomore.

Here's Team Sage founder Wornel Simpson on White: "An original Team Sage-Truth member, Terrence has been an iron-man, having never missed a game and we've played close to 125. He brings intensity, athleticism and the ability to score in bunches. Terrence is super athletic, plays great man-to-man defense and can take a game over offensively. He can also close out and track down loose balls with the best of them. He is arguably the best junior in the city, and if not, the most athletic. Doubling as a stand-out defensive back and running back on Inderkum's championship football team, Terrence is a definite D-I prospect."

Simpson added, "I've coached him since the sixth grade and several D-1 coaches have already inquired about Terrence -- he along with 3-4 of his Sage teammates will be hot commodities if they continue to work hard and develop over the next two years. Playing 17s in the Las Vegas Fab 48, this past July, Terrence and his young teammates had 18-25 college coaches watching every move in three of the four games they played at Desert Oasis HS."

Asked to delineate his sports affection, White offered that "basketball is my first love." He grew up on it and he and his brothers lived for the sport. It was a cousin who got him interested in football.

To a query about his best basketball skills, White said, " Going to the rack, I'm a scrappy guy. Plus, my mid-range jumper."

What's interesting is that he switches roles depending on the hoops uniform he is sporting.

"In high school, I'm the guy who needs to score but with AAU ball, one day it's you, the next day it's a teammate."

He also notes a change he has experienced -- "In my freshman year, you think you're the best person on the team but I've matured and now I try and get others involved."

Academically, all Team Sage members must maintain a 3.3 grade point average so White is on target for college. Per Simpson, "Terrence consistently attends tutoring and continues to show improvement academically."

It's still mighty early regarding recruiting but White offered, "I kind of want to go to the East Coast to experience something different."

Collegiately, he believes it will boil down to being a point in basketball and a slot receiver in football. In the latter, he already owns a 4.5 forty time.

When asked how his friends would describe him, White said "a funny guy who likes to make everybody laugh."

That's not likely what opposing players would say.

Simpson added, "Yes, Terrence loves people and enjoys making people laugh, but what he doesn't realize is that he has a special gift for bringing people together. His leadership qualities aren't defined, but as his coach and friend, I recognize them. Terrence is the one player I text before traveling to big games imploring him to be a leader. He always texts back "I got you Coach!" His attack mentality, defensive toughness, all-out hustle and leadership qualities will earn him a free education. Team Sage periodically brings in D-1 guards originally from the Bay Area to work out against our guards and Terrence physically holds his own and still has two more years of high school to continue getting better and stronger."

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