Tuesday, April 4, 2017

An Erik Poulsen interview

(Guy Mohr photograph)

Had the opportunity for a Q-and-A with Erik (Montgomery High) Poulsen, the 6-foot-11 Santa Rosa Junior College talent who is committed to USF. He has three years of eligibility remaining.

Q - Why the choice of USF for you?

EP: "I chose USF because of the potential that I saw in being a part of a successful and unselfish team. I truly believe that Coach Smith has this team on the right track for long-term success and I can envision myself seamlessly fitting into their offensive system."

Q - When did you initially hear from USF?

EP: "I initially heard from USF before the season started, back in October. They saw me play at a fall Juco tournament and came down for a few practices. Then after our first tournament at CCSF Coach Smith reached out and offered a scholarship."

Q: Have you visited campus as yet?

EP: "I have been on campus three times. The first time was for an unofficial in November to watch a practice. The second time was for a game in January. The third was for an official visit which took place in March. After that visit, I pretty much knew that USF would be a perfect fit for me."

Q: If I was a Dons fan, didn't know you but we were introduced and I asked what you will bring to the team next season -- how would you respond?

EP: "The most important thing that I will bring to the team next year is versatility. I am a very efficient shooter from every area of the court and excel at shooting off of the catch and out of pick and pop situations. I am becoming a much more versatile defender and have improved my ability to guard on the perimeter so I’ll be able to handle ball screens and smaller players more effectively. Most importantly, I’m going to bring a high level of competitiveness and a “win at all costs” attitude that is going to help me reach my full potential on the court."

Q: What have been your best moment or moments on the basketball court, whether it be at the high school or JC level?

EP: "The only thing I can think of was winning a conference championship this season at SRJC. I had an amazing time this year learning and growing, and it was awesome that the season was able to culminate with a championship."

Q: Is there anyone who you see as a big basketball influence on you and why so?

EP: "The biggest basketball influence on me thus far has been Coach McMillan. He taught me how to be more effective in the post and also developed my physical and mental toughness a great deal. I owe a lot of my success to him and I’m grateful that I got the opportunity to play for such a great coach."

Q: Any idea what you will major in at USF, and why?

EP: "I plan on majoring in English while also taking some Sports Management classes. My goal is to pursue a professional basketball career after I graduate, and then move on to a career in sports writing."

Q: Is there anyone you would like to thank?

EP: "I would like to thank my family (Kareen, Karen, Evan, and Juliana) for all of their love and support. I would also like to thank Coach McMillan and the rest of the staff at SRJC for the outstanding job that they did with the team this year. I also have to thank my awesome teammates for making this year as fun as it was. I was truly blessed to have such a great group of guys around me. Finally, I want to thank all of my friends from Montgomery High. They’re a great group and I’m thankful to be part of it."

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