Sunday, April 16, 2017

What am I missing here?

Seth Davis: "Great move by Sean Miller to are Lorenzo Romar to his staff. Cats will be consensus preseason No. 1 team in the fall."

Plus: "Arizona Wildcats' Sean Miller came from 'left field' to land longtime foe Lorenzo Romar as top assistant" -- Bruce Pascoe

Lorenzo Romar is a wonderful human being -- there seems to be no disagreement with that assessment. But how about as an assistant? What will his addition bring to the Arizona coaching staff?

Some have offered recruiting prowess but Arizona is doing just fine in that department and Romar will be viewed by all prospective Wildcat recruits as a short-termer who won't be in Tucson all that long so any relationship with him will be truncated sooner rather than later. Assistant Emanuel Richardson is the 'designated' top recruiter on the staff.

X's and O's? Not really. Assistant Mark Phelps can help with that.

Player development? That won't be his role.

So what am I missing?

This is not to knock Coach Romar -- just seeking edification.

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