Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An update on MPC's Andrew Young

6-foot-9 Andrew Young was relatively unknown this season because he redshirted last year while at Monterey Peninsula College but now any degree of anonymity has completely disappeared. Being the leading total scorer and rebounder in the state, coupled with his size, will do that.

Early on, it was primarily mid and low majors with an awareness of and definite interest in Young and his capabilities. Sacramento State, UC Riverside, Cal Poly, San Diego, San Jose State and Cal State Fullerton were (and remain) in suitor mode.

Of late, that page has been turned, if not an entirely new book having been written.

Now some highly regarded programs are zeroing in on Young as word of his skills and size has spread. Among the latest batch of schools are Cal, North Carolina State, Gonzaga, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Cincinnati.

Big are always hard to find and landing one with a combination of ready-to-contribute body and skills set such as Young's are much rarer.

Options are good and Young will have many to choose from, with more certainly on the way.

Plus, as MPC Coach Blake Spiering put it, "Even with all this attention, Andrew's take is 'I need to work harder.'"


  1. andrews a beastly!

  2. Come run with the Wolfpack young man! We could use a rebounder and finisher like you with all the studs we have coming in on the perimeter. One thing you will have at NC State more than anywhere else in the country are caring and passionate fans, coaching staff, and school who will support you at all times whether you score 30 a game or zero. Drop by for a visit-----our facilities are second to none and rival most NBA teams. It will be a place you will never forget spending your playing days at and with what's going on in Raleigh these days with the new coaching staff and the players on the roster and coming in next year----you will be a part of a team that will undoubtably go down in Tobacco Road history as Champions----mark it down. There is something pretty special going down in Raleigh.......and where better to enjoy basketball than in the ACC and with the most loyal and passionate fans in the NCAA. Hope to see you soon as a member of the Pack family-----and from that point on you will be a Wolfpacker for life..........a bond that is unequaled in this day and age of college sports.

  3. Pick the Pack, Andrew.

    The ladies, Andrew. The ladies.

  4. NC State is the total package: prestigious top-notch academics & basketball program rich in tradition/accomplishment. The future is very very very bright for the Wolfpack nation! NC State prepares you for life!

    Our time to rule the ACC has finally arrived again!!!

  5. N C state is Wack! Look @ how they let Gugg's get disrespected @ home! That could be drew one day!lol. Dont do it. Get some players in the 1st round draft!

  6. your talents skills will be the key for aggies to go deep in tourney. reece middleton,carusso turners ....and you thats a prertty powerful combo.