Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sean Miller being well compensated

Found this article on Sean Miller's compensation for coaching at Arizona very interesting, especially this part:

Outside compensation

Nike: $200,000*

IMG: $200,000*

Total outside compensation: $400,000*

(Note: The NIKE and IMG figures are minimums; Miller earned $220,506 from NIKE and $207,700 from IMG in 2012-13, the last year records are available from.)

Nike also supplies apparel and shoes and is a prominent reason Ivan Rabb is being projected, right or wrong, as a future Wildcat. IMG (International Management Group) bills itself as "the global leader in sports, fashion and media."

The following 'extras' aren't too shabby either:

Charter airplane use

45 hours of noncommercial use for recruiting and other program-related activity

Retention bonuses

From a UA booster: 21,875 shares of stock (worth $773,500 as of May 12) towards a retention bonus, to be paid only if he is fired without cause or stays at UA through 2021-22. He will accumulate another 21,875 shares each year for the following seven years. Total bonus will be $6.1 million (in value as of May 12) if he stays the full eight seasons.

From UA: $300,000 towards a $2.1 million bonus to be paid only if he stays through 2015-16. Miller has already accumulated $1.5 million in credit but, until 2016, is only eligible for that retention balance if he is fired without cause.

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