Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why the difference in transfers between DI and DII?

In talking with a coach the other day, this was pointed out to me: the large difference in transfers at the DI level versus DII. We surmised about the various reasons why but the overriding one was the greater degree of humbleness in DII talents.

In general, his take was these second level prospects haven't received all the highlight reel hype and are actually grateful for a scholarship opportunity.

They also usually didn't play for top level or nationally known spring and summer team where privilege as a way of life too often self inflates the ego of the player.

In the latter situation, prospects tend to head to a prep school or a community college after high school if not being offered by a prestigious enough school/conference or if some academics need to be upgraded. But the self-estimation often remains high -- at the pompous level  if you will -- and after one or two years, the expectation is still that DIs will be lining up as suitors regardless of production and impact.

When the desired level of interest remains absent, it then becomes blame the coach or the teammates rather than an acceptance of reality.

The reality is coaches can't elevate the level of offers -- that's a truth driven equation. The same with flattering media articles. Who is interested and ultimately offers is based on the assessment by the recruiter.

The saddest part of this entire equation are the players who succumb to bitterness and anger and forego the opportunity of a paid-for college education because they, in solitary, see themselves differently than the rest of the basketball world.

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