Thursday, October 20, 2016

Coach Cal looking downright angelic next to Pitino

"Louisville hit with 4 NCAA violations, Pitino may face suspension: 4 things" -- Gary Parrish

"...Basically, the NCAA's case is centered around one low-level staffer whom it alleges provided $5,400 in impermissible benefits..."

Has this question been answered: where did this low level staffer (an assistant his first two years and then the director of basketball operations after that) get access to $5,400?"

Or this one: how could the rest of the Louisville coaching staff have no knowledge of women hired to induce prospects appearing on campus? Recruiting visits seem pretty regimented.

"Five Talking Points from Louisville’s Notice of Allegations" -- Rob Dauster

"Cannot separate Rick Pitino from great basketball -- or scandal" -- Eamonn Brennan

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