Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ruminating on Jack Wilson's commit

Some fans apparently think the commitment of Serra High's Jack Wilson to Oregon State is some sort of affront to the game of basketball while others are taking more of a wait-and-see attitude. The gist seems to center around the sense that the 7-foot Wilson isn't ready, currently lacking Pac-12 level skills plus the physical prerequisites other than being very tall.

OSU Coach Wayne Tinkle obviously disagrees with what he envisions down the road for Wilson and he's the inividual who counts the most in this equation since he is the dispenser of athletic scholarships in Corvallis.

Just consider:

* Wilson is a 2018 prospect, meaning he still has two high school seasons and a spring-summer travel team segment of competition to complete first before heading off to college. He is of the subsection of bigs who aren't naturally-gifted running and jumping athletes so both his physical attributes as well as his skill set remain a work-in-progress but there is plenty of time to do just that. Serra Coach Chuck Rapp has a sterling reputation as does Kelvin Potts of Team Arsenal so Wilson is in good hands.

* Tinkle stands 6-foot-10 and, as a former pro and collegian, he knows what is required to succeed as a paint player. He also enjoyed great success with unheralded centers during his long tenure at Montana. A proven track record as both a player and coach is an enticing lure for obvious reasons.

* But do remember that nothing is official until a national letter of intent is signed which is likely to be completed in November 2017. Just to bring up one recent example, Oscar Frayer is not attending California even though he first committed there.

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