Sunday, March 12, 2017

Meet Joe Foley

Menlo's Joe Foley may be a newcomer to Bay Area hoops but he has already made college coaches sit up and take notice. The 2018 guard recently participated in a Q-and-A:

Q: Being new to Menlo and Top Flight Elite, where did you attend school and what travel team did you play on before this?

JF: "I attended Woodberry Forest (boarding school) in Virginia for my freshman and sophomore years. I played varsity basketball, varsity soccer and varsity track both years. The main reason I went to Woodberry Forest was to play both soccer and basketball. On the east coast they’re different seasons. I played both point guard and shooting guard for my Virginia AAU team, Team Loaded."

Q: What would you say are your best basketball skills?

JF: "My strengths: Off ball defense, dribbling, passing, IQ, and court vision."

Q: What are the skill areas you are working on the most to improve?

JF: "My opportunities for improvement are: Get stronger so that I can play through contact at the next level, learn to score in the post, work on my on ball man-to-man defense, and continue to work on my shooting consistency."

Q: Do you come from an athletic family? Did your parents play basketball or another sport in HS/college)?

JF: "I do have some very good family athletic genes: My mother was an elite gymnast, my dad was a tri-sport varsity athlete in high school, my grandfather played basketball at Temple University and my great grandfather played football at Notre Dame. I also have a great grandfather who was on the national rugby team in England."

Q: Are you academically on target to meet NCAA D1 requirements?

JF: "I hope that basketball will help provide me with the opportunity to attend one of the best academic schools possible. I believe that I will be more than prepared due to my rigorous academic load at Woodberry Forest and now attending Menlo School, one of the best schools in the country." 

Q: Based on any sort of feedback, will you be at the point or shooting guard at the next level? A combo?

JF: "I believe that I am a true point guard, but I have the capability to score and put up big numbers like a shooting guard. As of now, I’d consider myself a combo guard, doing whatever is necessary at the time to help my team win. I view myself as a leader and floor general. My strengths pertain to the point guard position since I have strong court vision and ball handling skills."

Q: Granted. basketball IQ is a difficult to define attribute but what would you say is your level of basketball IQ? How did you develop that?

JF: "My level of BB IQ is high for my age and stage of play. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of teammates is probably the most challenging. Closely watching great college and NBA players, teams and coaches always proves there is room to improve IQ, even on little things that can make a big difference."

Q: What have been your best moments on the court? Best moments meaning something took place, a team victory that you weren't supposed to win, a game-winning shot, etc. and you were feeling it doesn't get any better than this?

JF: "During the second game of the regular season I was completely on fire and felt like I just couldn’t miss. My team opened up the floor and Coach Larsen allowed me to keep attacking relentlessly to put up 40 points against a tough East Side team."

Athlete of the Week: Menlo School's Joe Foley  

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