Friday, June 10, 2011

Brandon Ashley: stay or go?

So is he or isn't he?

Will Brandon Ashley complete high school at Bishop O'Dowd or spend his senior season at Findlay Prep in Nevada?

This question was raised because of a recent point at the PointGuardU site.

But then again, there was this back in July 2010 and it didn't come to fruition.

Now the Ashley family doesn't have us on retainer as a consultant (quite rightfully so) but it's an interesting exercise to try and determine the favorables for each possible location.   

BOD benefits

* finish high school playing in front of family and friends

* possibly/probably win a state championship

* win one for the Oakland area

* create even more memories with and around individuals he will know the rest of his life

* have no academics concerns about transferable classes/units

* give it back to Castro Valley which defeated BOD twice last season

* enjoy he possibility of an undefeated season

Findlay Prep benefits  

* play for a national power

* play alongside other nationally-ranked players (could be a plus or a minus)

* be individually challenged each game

* be individually challenged each practice a la 6-foot-8 Anthony Bennett, 6-foot-8 Winston Shepard, 6-foot-9 Landen Lucas (all of 2012) and 6-foot-8 Benas Griciunas (2013)

So what did we miss in this analysis?

PS: Ashley's sister plays locally (San Jose State) but it's difficult to see that as any decision-altering factor.

At this point, any greater exposure isn't necessary -- Ashley is at the top of the list of any college team he desires.


  1. For goodness sakes, this kid is 16 years old, whatever happened to letting him enjoy high school? Whether he plays for O'Dowd or Findlay is really nobody's business. This is a decision he and his parents should make and we as spectators should just enjoy watching him play the game. Everyone wants to add their two cents in as to what he should do regarding his senior year of high school, well I say let him enjoy his last year as a kid who enjoys the game of basketball.

  2. If his coach was doing his job, then maybe he would not be looking to leave his high school. The head coach for O'dowd has to be the worst basketball coach ever. He does not know how to treat his players. He has one of the best teams in all of Northern California, in which any coach would love to have, and he has no clue about talent on or off the court. O'dowd needs to get another coaching staff for their boys' basketball team and call it a day. Hopefully other prospects of talented young men won't come to play for this joke of a coaching staff in the near future. Good luck Brandon if you do decide to go to Findlay, at least you be amongst a top notch coaching staff.