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Carl Foster reports on the Fullcourt Press Bay Area Showcase

Here is Carl Foster, longtime Bay Area basketball fixture, reporting on a recent prep event he attended:

Fullcourt Press Bay Area Showcase Recap: Part II
Top Sophomore and  Freshman Game

Carl Foster
June 19,  2011

The FCP Bay Area Showcase was held on Monday, June 13 at Dream Courts in Hayward. Besides the Fullcourt Press' own Dinos Trigonis and Carl Foster, other scouts present included NorCal guru Lee Hubbard  and representatives from NorCal Preps, Cal-Hi Sports and Yay Area's Finest.

This is the second and third of three game-by-game reports by Carl Foster.

David Andoh was the standout player in the  Top Junior (2012) game. Here we feature the players in the Top Soph (2013) and  Frosh (2014) games.

Top Sophomore (2013) Game

Top Prospects:

1) Rae Jackson, 6-foot-2, 2013 Rodriguez (Fairfield CA)

A supremely talented guard. Plays very fast and loose. He can dominate a game like this because of his superior athletic  ability. He is a blur on the fast break. He explodes to the rim with tremendous authority! Can shoot the jumper, get to the rim, find players on the move, and make steals at will. He is capable of being a high major player if he can learn to harness all of his gifts.

2) TJ Wallace, 6-foot-2, 2013 McNair (Stockton CA) 

A tailback on the basketball court. He is so strong it's almost illegal. His body is already built for the collegiate game. He rebounds extremely well from the guard position. Plus, he can finish around long, tall defenders. His deep ball is solid, but he needs to become a more willing passer when he attacks the  rim. He is easily a mid major prospect right now!

Solid Prospects:

1) Jason Webster, 6-foot-0, 2013 St. Patrick/St. Vincent (Vallejo CA)

Combo guard with a monster body built for contact. Shot the deep ball a little too much in the game, but he looks like an excellent mid  range shooter. He is adept at attacking the basket in transition. He will need  to grow or learn how to manage the game better when serving as the PG on the  floor. Has tremendous jumping ability; as he put on a dunking exhibition during  warm ups!

2) Terrance Roberts, 6-foot-2, 2013 St. Ignatius (San Francisco CA)

Versatile Wing player who showed a variety of skill sets  during the course of the game. He shot the deep ball, used curl moves to get up  mid range shots, and finished strong on the break. Very rangy defender with the  ability to guard three (3) positions. Needs more ball handling abilities to  really blossom as a player. If he grows he?ll really move up as a prospect in  this class!

3) Jeremy Dennis, 6-foot-3, 2013 St. Mary's (Berkeley CA)

A guard who has a chance to be pretty special over time. He can dribble like a PG, pass like a 2 guard, and slashes like a wing. He is super long, lanky, and rangy. Once he gets stronger and tougher, he will become an outstanding prospect. Mid-range ability is a big area of development for him. Also, he'll need to learn how to defend perimeter guards to be effective.

4) Brandon White, 6-foot-2, 2013 Liberty (Discovery Bay CA)

A tweener. Plays like a forward, but has the size of a guard. He might have been the most active of all of the players who played over the course of the evening. He hustles at all times, but needs perimeter skills to become a  very good player. Rebounds well, garners all loose balls, and competes on defense, but needs the ability to shoot the ball and handle it under pressure.

5) Leon Williams, 6-foot-0, 2013 Rodriguez  (Fairfield CA)

A classic point guard. Stronger, clever, and aggressive all  night. He is a traditional player who seeks to get his teammates the ball first, before seeking to score. He filled up the stat sheet during the game. He is a GAMER who loves to compete. He will always be a winner because of his cerebral  approach to the game.

6) Kyle King, 6-foot-4, 2013 Cardinal Newman (Santa  Rosa CA)

Small Forward who was super active around the glass. Lived around the  rim. He was a hustle guy who needs to continue working on ball handling and  shooting skills to become a wing player. He flourished when he operated from 15 feet and in. Tough defender who must be the favorite of his high school coach. Nice frame which should lend itself to continued growth and  development.

Other Players To Watch Out For:

Lejon Sewell, 5-foot-11, 2013 Wood (Vacaville  CA)
Randy Cruzet, 5-foot-7, 2014 Valley Christian (San Jose CA)
Johnny Shelton, 5-foot-6, 2013 Rodriguez (Fairfield  CA)
Justyce Key, 5-foot-10, 2013 Berkeley (Berkeley  CA)
Devonte Baisa, 5-foot-10, 2013 Kimball (Tracy  CA)
Ethan Cuthbertson, 5-foot-5, 2013 Modesto Christian (Modesto CA)
Mikey Eggleston, 5-foot-11, 2013 College Park  (Pleasanton Hill CA)
Koree Cox, 6-foot-2, 2013 Rodriguez (Fairfield  CA)
Justin Shayesteh, 6-foot-1, 2013 Homestead (San Jose  CA)

Top Freshman (2014) All Star Game

Top Prospects:

1) Trevor Dunbar, 5-foot-8, 2014 St. Ignatius (San  Francisco CA)

Silver quick PG with lightning speed, vision and the ability to score off pick and roll. Has huge hands, strong frame, and has that star quality. A mid major prospect right now!

2) Cody Sheldon, 6-foot-9, 2014 Irvington (Fremont  CA)

A big, strong post player who has soft hands and a solid feel for the  game. He will develop into an outstanding rebounder and low post scorer. Showed the ability to play aggressively from the high post as well. He is easily a low major prospect already.

3) Jaskam Bajwa, 6-foot-0, 2014 Irvington (Fremont  CA)

An extremely athletic wing who explodes to the rim with the ball. Had an impressive, savage dunk over a defender during the game. He is smooth when  setting up his jump shot.

4) Demoriaye Hart-Spikes, 5-foot-11, 2014 Fairfield (Fairfield CA)

A crafty attacking guard. More of a combo player who wants to score the ball. Has the ability to get into the lanes in the half court; Plus, he's great in transition getting to the basket.

5) Jiday Ugbaja, 5-foot-10, 2014 Riordan (San Francisco CA)

Powerful off guard with excellent ball handling ability in traffic. A master at attacking perimeter defenders. He is quite adept at creating great scoring opportunities for teammates off penetration.

6) Lamont Banks, 6-foot-4, 2015 St. Joseph's (Alameda CA)

A forward who is capable of scoring in the post or from mid  range. He showed nice feet around the rim, plus a soft touch out to 16 feet. Rebounds well on the offensive end of the floor. He'll need to become more agile and quicker, because he looks pretty mature for his class. He is an 8th grader currently.

Solid Prospects:

1) Michael Pickney, 5-foot-4, 2014 St. Mary's (Berkeley CA)

Smaller PG with an incredible basketball IQ. He possesses good  ball handling skills, crafty moves, solid court vision, and can pass it well on the move. He needs to get bigger and stronger to continue his development. Also, he needs to add a solid perimeter jump shot to augment his playmaking  skill set.

2) Shane Suttles, 6-foot-3, 2014 Evergreen (San Jose CA)

Nice wing player who was super active around the glass. He was a hustle guy who punishes players for taking plays off. He is always around the ball. Showed the ability to run the floor and finish around traffic.

3) Troy Brown, 6-foot-2, 2014 College Park (Pleasanton Hill CA)

Another kid who is All Hustle/All The Time. He is a forward currently who will probably need to develop some guard skills in the  future. Smooth at times, but needs more ball handling abilities to really blossom as a player. Loves to compete. Also, he showed the ability to knock down a perimeter jumper.

4) Frankie Ferrari, 5-foot-7, 2014 Burlingame (Burlingame CA)

A PG who is smart, clever and reminds me of a Bobby Hurley (Duke PG) type guard. He pushes the ball extremely well in transition. He doesn't back down to anyone on the court. He battles for loose balls, as well as, he manages the half court offense. Needs better shot selection from the PG spot.

5) Tyree Thomas, 5-foot-8, 2014 American Canyon (Vallejo CA)

Combo guard who excels in one-on-one situations. He has the ability to score on the dribble, off the catch, or on the move. He was fantastic in a number of phases of the game. He will need to grow to become an top shelf player, but his instincts were very good. Loved the way he attacks the rim to  score or garner easy rebound baskets.

6) Isaac Pittman, 6-foot-0, 2014 Hayward (Hayward CA)

A classic tweener. He doesn't have a position just yet, but makes up for it by just out-playing other players. He is a rebounder deluxe from the wing  position. Will need a host of his offensive skills developed, but he will always be productive because of his motor!

Other Players To Watch Out For:

Frederick Steen, 5-foot-9, 2016 Bishop O'Dowd (Oakland CA)
Omari Porsche, 5-foot-10, 2014 American Canyon (Vallejo CA)
Jourdan Johnson, 5-foot-4, 2014 Modesto Christian (Modesto CA)
Chris Johnson, 5-foot-9, 2014 St. Mary's (Berkeley CA)
Joey Frenchwood, 6-foot-0, 2014 Newark Memorial (Newark CA)
Sebastian Flores, 6-foot-0, 2014 College Park (Pleasanton Hill CA)
Armani Reed, 5-foot-11, 2014 Rodriguez (Fairfield CA)
Spencer Clark, 6-foot-2, 2014 Mt. Diablo (Concord CA)

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