Monday, June 13, 2011

Sign #84721 of the Basketball Apocalypse - yikes

In a Rivals Q-and-A feature (a sub is required), Eric Bossi and Jerry Meyer weight in on some overzealous videographers:
"The video/mixtape crews have now become a fixture at events. Is there any concern that their presence is beginning to impact the way players conduct themselves on the floor?

Bossi: This is something that has been discussed quite a bit at events this spring. There have been instances of kids picking up technical fouls for walking over and saying stuff to the cameras after plays. Some have also complained about seeing camera guys running to chest bump, dap up or shout out instructions to players during games. While these are isolated incidents, they do have a negative impact on the way some perceive the mixtape phenomenon, culture or whatever you want to call it. Over the years I've become friends with many mixtape guys and I admire their grinder's mentality and enjoy watching the increasingly slick and entertaining videos they put together. But I've also seen an increasing amount of inappropriate behavior from guys who are there as credentialed media. Remember, credentialed media is supposed to cover the action, not insert itself into the action.

Meyer: It has been impacting the way players act and this spring it has become glaringly obvious that it is having a negative impact on the game. It is disheartening enough to know that prospects are playing more for their ranking and for the coaches than to win the game. Now we have prospects constantly aware of the cameras and are playing to impress video guys who have attached themselves as ad hoc publicists. It seems to be the next step in the denigration of American basketball.

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  1. This is kind of ironic, especially coming from guys who spend their days ranking, raving and writing about a bunch of 15 kids playing ball. Since when is filming kids to make mixtapes any worse than publishing a 1 to infinity ranking of kids?