Friday, October 2, 2009

More sad news for Tierra Rogers

Tierra Rogers has already faced more in her years to date than most will in a lifetime and now something has been added that will at the very least delay her from playing basketball in college. Thankfully, it was caught in time.
Heart surgery may end Rogers' career
SF Gate Staff and news services
October 2, 2009

Cal announced Thursday that women's basketball player Tierra Rogers had heart surgery on Thursday and has been declared medically ineligible to play.

She is the freshman from Sacred Heart Cathedral whose father was shot dead outside the Irish home gym at halftime of a game in 2008.

Rogers' prospects for playing competitive basketball at all in the future seem slim, given the facts stated on Cal's news release about the severity of her heart condition. A defibrillator was implanted Thursday at UCSF Medical Center, and further steps will be taken to reduce her risks of cardiac arrest...
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