Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rob Jones to St. Mary's

Let's go for an oxymoron: in the world's worst kept secret, former Riordan High star Rob Jones is transferring to St. Mary's, per Jeff Goodman. It's a good fit but, more importantly, he will certainly be much closer to his ailing father. Jones will have to sit out this season.


  1. The world's worst-kept secret? Where is the link to your prior postings on this subject. I'd love to read what you wrote previously.

  2. It certainly wasn't new news.

    For extensive previous coverage, try:

    The Dons Central MB archives

    The God Is A Gael MB archives

    Heck, even Fox's Jeff Goodman got around to making a note of it

    If you polled the prominent high school and club team basketball figures in the region, a majority already knew before anything appeared on any message board. It was a done deal a long time ago.

    Our previous posting or non-posting on this subject or any other for that fact does not make something a secret exposed or a non-secret puiblished. We amkes no claims to such power.

    Hope this helps.