Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some useful advice

Here is an excerpt -- one that has many applications on and off the court -- from a great column by Jack Fertig:
This GM took him aside and explained what NBA teams who were checking him out wanted to see. I happened to be a participant (as a listener only) to the conversation in which he said, “You know Fresno State’s good enough to be in the NIT … BUT, you guys want to go to the NCAA’s. Well, you know you’re good enough to be a first round pick … BUT you want to be a lottery pick. Think about it. The teams that are picking in the lottery are teams that lose … and because they lose - a lot - they probably have no leaders and no true superstars. When they come to see you play - or practice - don’t show them a guy who’s tough to coach, is moody or is a pain in the butt. That’s what they have now! They don’t need any more of that type of player.”

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