Friday, September 26, 2014

California and student-athlete academics

From Jeff Faraudo about officials at California looking to change academic entry standards and support for student-athletes:

"In response to recent historically poor graduation rates by Cal's football and men's basketball teams, the Chancellor's Task Force on Athletics and Academics submitted its report Friday, with recommendations that range from possible revisions to the athletic admissions policy to better integration of athletes into the campus culture.

Chancellor Nicholas Dirks is expected to endorse many of the more than 50 recommendations made by the 20-member panel that spent eight months trying to assure that Cal athletes have "a meaningful academic experience."

Dirks, interim athletic director Michael Williams and other campus leaders scheduled a media briefing for late Friday morning where details of the recommendations would be provided.

The task force reported that the eight sports teams with the lowest Graduation Success Rates from 2003 to 2010 often featured student-athletes whose SAT scores and high-school grade-point averages projected difficulties competing in the classroom at Cal..."

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