Monday, September 29, 2014

Merritt finishes 3-1

(Denzel Bellot)

(Leo Smith)

The best community college game of the weekend came on Friday night at the Chabot JUCO Fall Showcase with Merritt College topping the Gladiators 72-65 in front of a fervent packed house. The Thunderbird backcourt of Denzel Bellot and Leo Smith finished with 28 and 26 points respectively. The former's total was powered by four treys plus going 8-10 from the foul line while the latter nailed five three-pointers.

Merritt finished 3-1 in the event, also besting Ohlone College 63-57 and Skyline College 61-58 while falling 82-80 to Lassen College.

Thunderbird Coach Keenan McMiller offered, "We kept our composure -- the guys are learning and we're coming along."


  1. I watched the Chabot game and it was not a full game. they played 15 minutes half and chabot set their top player. So you may want to call someone and get the whole story..

    1. Dancing at half court to celebrate a showcase win is hardly "keeping your composure"