Friday, October 23, 2015

Fascinating interview with Gregg Popovich

Jon Finkel provides quite the insightful interview with Gregg Popovich.

Loved this part:

"...When there’s a guy who talks about himself all day long, you start to get the sense that he doesn’t listen real well. If you’re interviewing him and before you ever get anything out of your mouth he’s speaking, you know he hasn’t really evaluated what you’ve said. For those people, we think, Has this person gotten over himself? If he has then he’s going to accept parameters. He’s going to accept the role; he’s going to accept one night when he doesn’t play much. I think it tells me a lot..."

Now this in no way demeans Popovich and his achievements -- nothing could achieve that and it's certainly not the intention here. However, there are quite the number of "Popoviches" throughout the coaching ranks, well-rounded individuals who instruct on and off the court and positively impact the lives of so many. They are just under the radar of most national news outlets and therefore unknown to those outside their orbit.

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