Friday, October 23, 2015

Oliver and Anderson noted

The Nevada Wolf Pack players voted among themselves for various best talents of their teammates and here are the northern California items of interest:

* Question: Who is the team’s best dunker?

Answer: Cam Oliver 12; Kaileb Rodriguez 1

In short: This one was unanimous as every player on the team except for Oliver, who wasn’t allowed to vote for himself, picked the true freshman forward. Despite tearing his ACL in high school, Oliver is “a crazy athlete,” according to his teammates. AJ West even said Oliver, who originally committed to Oregon State out of high school, is already better than 95 percent of the players he’s gone against in the Mountain West. Expect a lot of minutes (and dunks) from Oliver this year. He’ll be starting soon enough.


* Question: Who is the team’s smartest player?

Answer: Lindsey Drew 3; Marqueze Coleman 3; Juwan Anderson 3; Lucas Stivrins 2; Marcus Marshall 1; Elijah Foster 1

In short: No surprise here as the team’s three point guards all tied for first. Coleman, Drew and Anderson, a walk-on, will all play point guard this year.


* Question: Who is the team’s best athlete?

Answer: D.J. Fenner 5; Cameron Oliver 4; Tyron Criswell 4

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