Friday, October 23, 2015

Here's the ultimate in pre-season predictions

Not every coach has posted his roster, a single minute of any game has yet to be played and so many talents have yet to be witnessed on the court (kinda gives you confidence) but here's a take on who will be in the running to earn a spot on the All State North team come March.

In alphabetical order:

* Jalen Canty, City College of San Francisco
* Crisshawn Clark, Canada College
* Isaac Clark, Monterey Peninsula College
* Justin Claus, College of the Redwoods
* Trevor Dunbar, City College of San Francisco
* Akil Douglas, San Jose City College
* Frankie Ferrari, Canada College
* Zack Gonzales, Modesto Junior College
* Emmanuel Malou, Yuba College
* Vasilje Saraba, Yuba College
* Josh Sykes, Fresno City College
* Bobby Syvanthong, Contra Costa College
* Anthony Williams, Sierra College
* Jojo Zamora, Yuba College

So who was missed?

Who shouldn't be here?


Can three players from Yuba make it? It seems that the 49ers will have to go long into the state tournament for that to happen.

Fair or unfair, it seems that plus talents from losing teams do not get backing for statewide honors.

If Crisshawn Clark doesn't play this season, it will mean more shots but less assists for Frankie Ferrari.


  1. Williams, Claus and Syvanthong no way close to that list...not even best players on their own average team let alone an All-State player. Shoemaker from Butte over those other three easy. You could put 2 more from CCSF and another from Yuba over those 3 as well.

  2. Marin got two players in Luke Chavez and George Johnson that can play any of those players listed. Beat Yuba twice last year against those same players.

  3. I think this is a great list taking into account the season hasn't started and many new faces this year. Everyone on this list has a legitimate chance of earning a spot on the All-State team, depending on their performance and the performance of their team. The others mentioned in the comments have a chance as well. Maybe some others to consider:
    DeAndre Davis (Chabot) - already was All-State his freshman year at a socal juco.
    Mason Washington (Modesto) - freshman but is one of the reasons MJC is going to shock people this year.
    DeAndre Stallings (Columbia) - another freshman but should lead a solid team this year.
    ----wish I had more names, saw some great players in the showcases, but did not have all the rosters.. thanks for your coverage!

  4. Apparently you are right...Marin got 24 wins by cheating? Coach fired? Don't be surprised if Marin has to vacate all of last season and forfeit championship and wins.....good for you guys!!!!

  5. Sounds like someone that really doesn't know what happen