Monday, October 26, 2015

Olgun Ulac on AIS favoring St. Mary's

A couple of Tweets from Olgun Ulac, one in particular:

"Jock Perry's commitment to Saint Mary's means they'll have 7 Australians on their roster next season."


"I, for one, don't think the Saint Mary's/Australia pipeline is a good thing. These kids are manipulated into choosing the Gaels. Not healthy."

The second one is loaded and deserves a full explanation and not just a maximum of 140 characters. The following are two excerpts from the 'conversation' following that second tweet:

"Olgun Uluc ‏@OlgunUluc  Oct 24
@phillipshoops The AIS coaches lead them toward SMC, often bad mouth other programs. Not a fan of what they're doing over there, at all."


"Olgun Uluc ‏@OlgunUluc  Oct 24
@nathan_brookes It's a bit of both. And it's not that they're funding the AIS, it's more subtle. Coaches leading the kids toward SMC."

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