Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nor Cal JC players in Vegas

Besides the various high school tournaments taking place in Las Vegas right now, there is also a junior college basketball event showcasing players primarily from the western part of the U.S -- the All-American JUCO Showcase.

Among the Nor Cal or Nor Cal-based prospects participating are:

* Jamal Ford, 6-foot-5, San Francisco City College

* Jarred Jourdan, 6-foot-5, Las Positas College

* Demetrius Lee, 6-foot-3, Sheridan College

* Meredith Dion, 6-foot-5, Merritt College

* Kevin Thomas, 6-foot-5, Lassen College

* Gabriel Kindred, 6-foot-1, Salt Lake City College

* Mike McKinney, 6-foot-1, Solano College

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