Friday, July 27, 2012

The 2012-13 Fresno City College roster

Coach Ed Madec and Fresno City College return as the defending state champions. Here's the July roster for the Rams:

* Mike Crawley, 6-foot-6, sophomore (Antioch High)

* Olajuwan Garner, 6-foot-2, freshman (Deer Valley High)

* Thomas Hammock, 5-foot-9, sophomore (Compton Centennial High)

* Randall Jackson, 6-foot-2, sophomore (Graces High)

* Tim Jaegal, 6-foot-1, freshman (Mt. Shasta High)

* Daniel Johnson, 6-foot-4, freshman (Hoover High)

* Thomas Jordan, 6-foot-1, sophomore (St. Francis High)

* Junior Morgan, 6-foot-7, sophomore (Liberty High)

* Udun Osakue, 6-foot-6, sophomore (Roosevelt High)

* Alex Perez, 6-foot-2, sophomore (Otah Ranch High)

* Chris Sterling, 6-foot-4, freshman (Delano High)

* Ryan Swain, 6-foot-4, freshman (Buchanan High)

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