Monday, July 23, 2012

The 2012-13 Yuba College roster

It's going to be an interesting year for Coach Doug Cornelius as the vast majority of his roster has moved on and the need to gain experience will be foremost for the 2012-13 49ers in order to be up there as usual at the end.

The Yuba roster:

* Akachi Akugo, 6-foot-0, freshman (Jesuit High)

* Jacob Courage, 6-foot-7, sophomore (Lincoln High)

* Yev Dyachenko, 6-foot-4, sophomore (River City High)

* Gary Melvin, 6-foot-5, freshman (Jesuit High)

* Tahron Morrison, 6-foot-7, freshman (Vanden High)

* Gage Ostanik, 6-foot-6, freshman (River City High)

* Darrell Pollee, 6-foot-2, freshman (Global Charter High)

* Andy Schmidt, 6-foot-7, freshman (Roseville High)

* Chris Smith, 6-foot-3, freshman (Center High)

* Derrick West, 6-foot-2, freshman (Kennedy High)

* Vic West, 6-foot-5, freshman (Burbank High)

* Chayson Williams, 6-foot-2, freshman (Leuzinger High, SoCal)

* Floyd Wormly, 6-foot-7, freshman (Highlands High)

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