Saturday, July 21, 2012

Praise for Pitts

Matt Moreno caught DLS and Bay Area Hoosier star Elliott Pitts in action:
This was our first chance to see the Concord (Calif.) De La Salle prospect since the Pangos All-American Camp earlier in the year. Obviously seeing him play in a camp setting is going to be different than seeing him play with his travel team - the Bay Area Hoosiers. UA was front and center to see the Northern California standout and he did a lot of good things for his squad.

Pitts does a lot of things well, some make it in the box score and others don't. The 6-foot-5 prospect would fit into many different programs because he is a versatile player. He can play the point guard position - which he has done in the past - or he can play off the ball, which is what he did for most of Thursday night's game.

One thing that definitely stood out about Pitts on the first evening of action was his commitment on the defensive end of the floor. Even though he picked up a couple fouls for being a little over-anxious, he was still competing hard on the defense to make sure his man didn't score.

Handling the ball and knocking down deep jump shots is what he's going to be known for, but he really showed something on defense Thursday night.

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