Thursday, July 19, 2012

The 2012-13 American River College roster

Always keep in mind that player additions and deletions will occur but here goes with the current Mark Giorgi-coached American River College roster:

* Jay Callis, 6-foot-6, freshman (Delta High)

* Chad Haysbert, 6-foot-9, sophomore (Center High)

* Kelly Jackson, 6-foot-9, sophomore (Hogan High, Solano College)

* Caleb King, 5-foot-10, freshman (Antelope High)

* Bryant Langston, 6-foot-5, sophomore (Center High, Sierra College)

* Lejon Mabrey, 5-foot-4, sophomore (North Carolina)

* Colton Passey, 5-foot-11, freshman (Elliot Christian High)

* Marcus Reeves, 6-foot-10, freshman (Johnson High)

* Daniel Smith, 6-foot-2, freshman (Center High)

* Mardell Thompson, 6-foot-2, sophomore (Rio Americano)

* Jarvis Watkins, 6-foot-2, freshman (Antelope High)

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