Thursday, July 26, 2012

The 2012-13 San Joaquin Delta College Mustangs

Rich Ressa coaches San Joaquin Delta College and his July roster looks like this:

* Terrence Broussard, 5-foot-9, sophomore (Armijo High)

* Lonnie Ellis, 6-foot-3, freshman (Stagg High)

* Joseph Facey, 6-foot-1, sophomore (Santa Monica High)

* Ryan Gaarder, 6-foot-3, sophomore (Lodi High)

* Jerrel Green, 6-foot-6, sophomore (Bear Creek High)

* Devin Hayward, 5-foot-8, sophomore (Cordova High)

* Jamel Kelly, 6-foot-5, freshman (Edison High)

* Erik King, 5-foot-8, sophomore (Venture Academy, Stockton)

* Richard Perry, 6-foot-3, sophomore (Foothill High)

* Kyle Porlaris, 5-foot-9, freshman (Cosumnes Oaks High)

* Mitch Postle, 6-foot-7, sophomore, (Harbor High, Santa Cruz)

* Dan Schwartzberg, 6-foot-1, sophomore (Union Mine High)

* Alex Simmons, 6-foot-3, freshman (St. Mary's)

* Mourice Tolliver, 5-foot-10, sophomore (Oakland Tech)

* Chris Woods, 6-foot-3, freshman (Delta Charter High)

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