Thursday, July 26, 2012

The 2012-13 Contra Costa College Comets

Always keep in mind that player additions and deletions will occur but here goes with the Miguel Johnson's Contra Costa College roster. He has a nice mix of enough size upfront and a handful of speedy backcourters:

* Fletcher Brown, 6-foot-0, freshman (Balboa High)

* Omariayea Broughton, 6-foot-1, sophomore (Valley High)

* Joshua Bynum, 6-foot-6, freshman (Bethel High)

* Johnathan Caldwell-Hudley, 6-foot-1, sophomore (Wood High)

* Shakeel Carpenter, 6-foot-9, freshman (Kimball High)

* Daseion Cole, 6-foot-4, freshman (Bethel High)

* Antonio Davis, 5-foot-8, freshman (Oakland Tech)

* Pershante Hill, 5-foot-8, sophomore (Hercules High0

* Derius Johnson, 5-foot-8, freshman (St. Elizabeth)

* Davion Mize, 6-foot-1, freshman (Salesian High)

* Jacob Monroe, 6-foot-5, sophomore (Inderkum High)

* Juan Parker, 6-foot-7, sophomore (Sacramento High)

* Trayvon Rogers, 6-foot-1, freshman (New Horizons Prep, MS)

* Philip Secrease, 6-foot-2, freshman (Pinole Valley High)

* Tyler West, 6-foot-6, sophomore (Beaverton High, OR)

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